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Breathtaking Binsar


smileyWith the summers scorching up everything on sight, I have decided to give the power of thought, visual stimulation and tele-transportation a chance to beat the heat and provide some relief to us mere mortals. Hence this summer I will be portraying as my next four jewels of the crown (that is India), four hill stations- Binsar, Uttarakhand in the north, Mount Abu. Rajasthan in the west, Ooty Tamil nadu in the south and Shillong, Meghalaya in the far east to soothe your visual senses.

Icon2So lets start with Binsar , one of the most photogenic places I have ever seen, in Uttarakhand near Almora and Nainital. Other than the Binsar Sanctuary and a Shiva temple it has not been highlighted for any other notables, but its best USP is  the scenery – The range. The vistas. The hues. The ever present mist. No doubt Uttarakhand is known as Devabhoomi or the land of the gods.

As all the major Hill stations of the Kuman region are clustered within manageable distances (Nainital, Bhimtal, Almora, Ranikhet , Kasauni) from Binsar, a trip to Binsar can be fitted with ease , in the itinerary from your conventional destination. However my advice would be to let go of convention, and instead make Binsar your base and take a complete tour of Kumaon.

Icon5To reach Binsar, you have to pass through Almora town while to reach Almora you have many options. You can drive in from Ramnagar Nainital, or you can drive in from Kathgodam, Bhimtal side assuming that you are coming from Delhi. Either way, the roads are smooth, maintained and the scenery superb so you can always enjoy a great drive.

Icon4Accommodation is not a problem in Almora which is just 22 kms away from Almora. But staying in Binsar is a better option , with one of the best option being Club Mahindra Resorts if you like to loll in the lap of luxury( In fact a tip- Attend a presentation of the club mahindra holidays.You can always avail their holiday plans and if not then there is always the free gift voucher to have a taste of their hospitality in their resorts).

If you prefer economical yet comfortable accommodation then you can always opt for the KMVN guest houses.

But again if you would like to experience the wild then you can stay at Khalli Estate inside the sanctuary. Though the sanctuary is supposed to house leopards, bears, boars,deers, birds, consider yourself lucky if you can spot any one of these, for all we could see were butterflies after hours of waiting and watching. Well if the animals disappoint you then you can always try trekking.

Icon2Binsar is not the usual shop and sightsee destination though one can always proceed  for a day trip to nearby, Almora, Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet- the conventional tourist hotspots. But if you love the views of snow clad peaks with the green valley, rustling brook, alpine meadows or bugyal then Binsar is the place to be or you can head towards Bageswar, Baijnath. Baijnath also has a temple complex which you might like to visit though. Interestingly Uttaranchal tourism website mentions Binsar as a place that attracts writers!

The roads are beautifully maintained in and around. They have also mobile emergency units and the vans can be seen patrolling on the roads.

Icon1A word of caution – Do not visit Uttaranchal during holi though.

smileyI have tried to bring to you the essence and beauty of Binsar and its adjacent area through these few snapshots. (The shots were taken by an amateur with a sony handy cam but if it still captivates you then all the credit goes to the Creator, The Almighty.)

Internet is a store house of information, available at the click of a mouse and so you will find no dearth of information on Binsar near Nainital. Through this images I am just attempting to bring forward to you the breathtaking beauty of Binsar… but of course Binsar is much more than these and should be experienced in person at least once.

Hope you have an engaging time with the slide show.

Promising to come back soon with Mount Abu in the next.

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– Article written and captured by Mani Padma. She is a Doctor by profession, working in Delhi. She is the chief-co brewer of GingerChai and has to her credit some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Want to read more of her articles ? Click HERE.

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  2. Karthik

    Last year visited binsar. One of the underrated destination in tourist map of north India.

    1. Mani

      Yes Karthik it is underrated. And it is upto us to bring it to the world. right?
      In fact share your experiences. We will love it.

    1. Mani

      Sure Anney. If you need any info , just ping me. I will be there to help you. Anything for Tourism India. ( and no the Govt . doesn’t pay me for this. :laugh: )

  3. tikulicious

    wonderful photographs. I was born in Nainital and have been to almost all the places around that area. Binsar is exceptional. I love the old world charm and the natural beauty of the place. Thanks for reviving some old memories. Came to your blog from indiblogger. Best wishes

  4. tikulicious

    I have been to Binsar and it is just breathtaking. you brought back some nostalgic moments . wish I had clicked some snaps too. will remember to take the camera next time I visit some place :). excellent

  5. Hitesh

    aahhh….. i love this place…..Natital and Almora are one of the most famous places in Kumoan…..they attract lots of tourists……..i remember being their when i was kid……it’s been a long a long time since i went there…..especially when it’s native……

    Binsar mahadev has a lot of religious importance……..i don’t know how many people know it here in South….but it’s a very famous place in the North……..

    thanks for sharing… 🙂

    1. Sachin

      Hi, It was very nice review. It seems you have done this sector thoroughly. Could you advise on a plan. i will stay in ramnagar, tehn to chaukori munsyari and then to binsar. almost 2 days each. could you please suggest anything better ? Planning for april last week. Would stay at KMVN at all places. I will have a car at my disposal in UA

      1. mani

        First of all I would like to compliment your choice of places in your itinary. They are one of the most beautiful places in UA. Yes KMVN is a good idea. Nothing frilly but very traveller friendly. And if you have a car entirely at your disposal , then it will be like Sone pe Suhaga.
        Well I am just sugesting you some changes based on my own expriences.Feel free to reject them if they don’t suit after all it is your own comfort that is important- for all of us, right?
        You have said 2 days each in each of the destinations.
        Ramnagar- if it is just a stopover , then covering corbett will take just a day, so one night n a day should do fine and the remaining day can be utilised for some other destination.
        Chaukori – two nights are fine as you will be reaching late afternoon if you start from Ramnagar early morning. But if it is just a stopover for Munsiyari then you can proceed the next day only.If you want to visit Patal Bhubaneswar and all then you have to stay another night.
        two nights in Munsiyari is fine.
        Binsar – two nights and two days are enough for sight seeing in and around
        like Ranikhet etc. Just dont miss Bagheswar Baijnath if you love nature. The extra night that you might be gaining from Ramnagar or Chaukori can be utilised in stay in Kasauni or even Bhimtal.
        there! Hope I could be of some help. Have a great trip n do tel us about it

        Munsiyari can also

  6. sachin

    Thanks Mani,

    you have helped us reduce confusion. I will still come to you for any more suggestions

      1. Sachin

        hi again,

        now just a week to go. I have finalised the itinerary with the KVMN guy on your guidelines. I will spend 2 days in delhi. Now would like to have experts opinion if i need to change anything now. Where cud i send the itinerary? is it ok here ?

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