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Prince – Review


A high-tech, savvy international thief, Prince, wakes up one day with all his memories lost. At his beach house where he wakes up, he is told a version of his past by his servant. He discovers that his memory has been infact “robbed”. He finds himself chased by two different groups who are in look out for an antique coin that is in possession with Prince but Prince has no clue about the coin since he has lost all his memories. Between, this he comes to know that he had a girl friend by name Maya. He meets 3 girls who proclaim to be Maya and they give different versions of his past life. Who is the real Maya? What was the real flashback of Prince? What is special about the antique coin everyone is behind of? Did Prince get back his past memories? – Is what Prince movie is all about.

Prince the movie was supposed to be a make or break movie in Vivek Oberai’s career which has hit a very rough patch for years now. The interest of the movie directed by debutant director Kookie V Gulati, was heightened with the talks of big budget and breath-taking stunts sequences in the movie. Frankly speaking, the movie falls short of the hype and anticipation. The main draw back of the movie unfortunately is Vivek Oberai himself. His screen presence fails to impress us. Remember Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2 and even Akshay Kumar in Blue? Well, it may be unfair to compare Vivek Oberai with them but then his screen presence and the delivery of the dialogues fails to hold your attention and lacks the punch. No doubt, the movie holds a very potential thriller subject and executed well partially. The memory loss has been a subject dealt with many times but here we have a story where the memory has infact been robbed. Yes, It is robbed and stored in a chip! Ok this is a movie and anything is possible in the imaginary world. But the way the memory transfers are shown like you plugin your sim card makes it ludicrous.The second big let down is the supposed to be amazing stunt sequences. It’s a mixed bag, actually. The movie no doubt has some briliant action sequences but then there are many ordinary ones. Especially the car-bike chase holds nothing special about it and even if we know that none of the villain’s bullet could hit the hero, it could have been made little more convincingly. Among the recent movies, the bike chase in the Blue movie has raised the notch much higher. Nandana Sen comes as a glamarous lady villain  reminding you of the bad girls of the James Bond series. The movie has lip-lock scenes between Vivek and Aruna Shields who comes as the original Maya. Infact, Aruna is quiet impressive in the stunt sequences as well as in bikini shots in a song sequence. Isaiah as Sarang makes his presence felt as the lead villain. Vishnu Rao has done a good job with camera capturing great visuals in South African landscape. Music by Sachin Gupta is good but the background by Sandeep Shirodkar fails to impress. The movie has no dearth of glam, wonderful visuals, and production richness but then throughout the movie something is amiss.

GingerChai Verdict: It’s a thriller and it’s a masala entertainer, well its supposed to be. Not up to the hype or anticipation but partially good. Watch it if you have loads of time and bored to death or wait until I make the review of the week’s other release jaane kahan se aayi hai

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  2. Parth J Dave

    So, it’s finally proved that high-fi action sequences with bogus stunts can never make a hit film. Vivek Oberoi needs to mature now as an actor…

    What a stupid story, seriously! Memory being transferred to a chip.. Crap nonsense!

    Thanks for this review… Really very useful!

  3. Lazy Pineapple

    I knew it, that it will be bad. Vivek looks completely self obsessed in the promos and that really put me off. I will see it just to have a few laughs 🙂

  4. gayatri

    seems like they got a few pages of diff. hollywood scripts, put them in a bowl, and took out random pages and made a movie out of it.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Actually the script was ok kind even if it reminds some movies but something is amiss. you just don’t feel the grip of a thriller. And it was quiet irritating when VO says “Its show time” kinda silly and not dramatic at all… :reallyangry:

  5. Pumpkin Longshanks

    I believe you’ve always got to pay to watch a movie (legit). Whether the movie is good or otherwise is open to debate. Personally I think most problems can be solved by potatoes.

  6. Vidya Sury

    🙂 Vivek Oberoi doesn’t have the ‘hero’ charisma. He’s better off as the second sidey. Too much hype. Can’t even compare Hrithik with him. That guy’s got solid presence. 😎
    Nice review!

    1. Vidya Sury

      actually – when I saw the poster I thought it was a Kannada movie and the guy in black was Rajkumar’s son 😀 Talk about being visually challenged!

  7. Sanchit Goyal

    Even I saw the movie 1st day last show. I would have to say that I dont quite agree with your review. The only part on which I would agree would be-

    “Vishnu Rao has done a good job with camera capturing great visuals in South African landscape. Music by Sachin Gupta is good”


    The movie was a great recipe for an Action thriller but turned out to be a disaster! The robbery scenes or any high tech scenes for that matter look very lame which wouldnt convince even a 10 year old. I found this review the following review correct ( By correct I mean correct IMO )

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      You mean to say the movie is good or bad ? The review link too shares the same opinion that it is bad :-(( so what u don’t agree with me?

  8. Nikhil

    vivek is good actor but unlucky and not wise …. we can accept bourne triology and matrix in hollywood but cannot accept such movies in bollywood, dont know why, may be they lack technical details

  9. samvedna

    found it totally illogical..didnt know what i am watching, on top of that all good for nothing heroines, who even dont look good.

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