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Gaga over Goa!


smiley_thumb.jpgOk this isn’t about Lady Gaga! But its my about my jewel Goa of the crown called India.

Yes friends ,I am back again to take you from the heights of Spiti to the depths of the Arabian Sea in Goa, but first of all I would like to say that – Since Mani couldn’t be every where God created Jayati (I know its a corny line but couldn’t think of anything better) So Friends please welcome Jayati as my co author for JITC from hence on.

Icon5_thumb.jpgGoa as per statistics is one of the most frequented tourist spot both by the domestic crowd and the International tourists and if you google search it there is no dearth of information on this beautiful Coastal state with its beautiful beaches, quaint culture and lovely countryside

smiley_thumb.jpgWhat I have attempted is to present before you a kaleidoscope of myriad images of Goa with some very personal observations

And as I always say, Goa is of course much more than these!

Icon4_thumb.jpgThe location of Goa is obvious to all. Its in the western coast in between Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka in the south.(of course You know it, but it seems I am supposed to say it) Reaching Goa is not at all a problem too as it is covered by airways, roadways and railways,

Nor is finding accommodation as the place is bustling with hotels, resorts and villas of all ranges. Unless you have any special preferences you can always find decent  accommodation even after landing there

If you are looking for a decent economical accommodation with a great view of the beach from your hotel window then head for the tourism hotel in Colva beach. Believe me the above combination of decent, economical room with a view is hard to find

Getting around Goa is no problem at all, as you are spoilt with variety of choices like –Taxis, Motorcycle Taxis (cool isn’t it guys? You get paid for taking a gal around in a bike, but of course it is your choice, whether to charge or not to charge) ferries, buses etc. But the best option I think is renting out a bike and exploring around on your own.

Fingerpointingicon_thumb.jpgExploring Goa properly requires three days minimum- North Goa , South Goa and Panjim and Old Goa not to mention  hanging out in the hippest night clubs in the evenings and a river cruise in the Mandovi River.

Fingerpointingicon_thumb.jpgThe terrain ranges in between an altitude of sea level to 1022 m of the ghats and so are the varieties in the places of interest. Beaches, countryside, architecture, market, water falls, temples, churches night life – everything.

Fingerpointingicon_thumb.jpgBeaches of North Goa and South Goa are distinctly different; in fact each has a unique charm of its own. It is said that beaches of south goa has white sands.

Fingerpointingicon_thumb.jpgSome of the uniquely famous places are Basilica of Bom Jesus, the flea market in Anjuna beach, Dudh Sagar Waterfalls, Donna Paula, Fort Aguada the old house are some of the examples.

Icon5_thumb.jpgThe best time to visit Goa is in winters when you can laze around in the sun or indulge in water sports. The famous carnival is also held during the winters.But if you like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy the rains and the green country side then monsoons is the time for you. Just take rain gear with you.Do not forget to take a moonlight walk in the beach. The beach looks ethereally beautiful at night.(especially if you are planning to propose anybody)

One of the hippest night spot is Mambos in Baga beach. You will see a good crowd; find the coolest music and a great choice of drinks.

For shopping point of view, Goa is famous for Feni(an alcoholic drink) and Cashew nuts and shells as mementoes. Its better to stick to these articles only.

Icon1_thumb.jpgEvery place on earth has its sleazy characters so is in Goa but that would not make me declare it as an unsafe place because I have seen strangers help us out even at night 2am when we had an accident without expecting anything in return.

The only point is that just relax but remain cautious and nothing untoward should happen. A small warning- Don’t go for freebies and offers from strangers in the roadside

I may be wrong in some of my observations as I am writing all from memory and will be glad if anybody points it out. Of course Goa is much much more than these but these are just some of my personal remarks as you  will see no dearth of information regarding Goa

At the end, I would like to sign off with just this small request- please don’t drink and drive. Thanks.

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  1. Mani

    Yes! Calangute beach is one of THe spots of North Goa.
    @Sid Baga beach loks best at night
    @Nalini exactly my thoughts !
    @ Anet Oh! so you stayed there? And you liked it too? Am surprised . I thought you were more into snow and all. But good to see you back with yur 55 fictions. :-))

  2. Sambitesh Dash

    How much is enough to adequately enjoy a 4 day stay in Goa ? Plz keep in mind that I am poor M Tech student living on govt stipend 😛

    1. Mani

      Hi Sambitesh My apologies for replying late. Well Goa is an ” All wallet :” destination and you do not need to worry about the expenditure as it has choices for all “expense groups” . But let me give you some tips. Accommodation in Panjim is cheaper than both South and North Goa , but you will miss out the Sea. Between North and South Goa , North Goa is cheaper. Renting a bike rather than taxis is more advisable. They keep a minimum ammount as security, and a photocopy of your license.The ammount is refunded at the end of the period. Otherwise public transport isn’t bad either.

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