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Ambush – 55 Fiction

ambushHe had reached the enemy camp.

His palms were sweating. He had no backup.

They were all dead.

It was no or never!

He was armed to his teeth.

He made a swift move into the camp. He turned the corner.

And his computer crashed. He had to get a better computer to continue this game.

This  55 fiction format story is written by Sir Pumpkin Longshanks.

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0 17 March, 2010 55 Fiction March 17, 2010

About the author

The name may sound funny and weird and it spills over his character too. He prefers to keep his identity secret and we respect his choice. Thanks to a moment of “what an idea, sirji” we have him on-board our panel and don’t ask me more about the idea, it is our kitchen secret but his writings are here to enthrall you.

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      1. Lakshmi Rajan

        The filter acted funny and your earlier comment got pushed into different folder. Luckily i noticed it sitting over there and pushed it back over here 😀

    1. Pumpkin Longshanks

      How dare you sir! 😛 A computer ‘game’?!?!??! It is called a ‘first player shooter’… its not a game!!!! 😀

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