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Free books for bloggers

booksneezeIf you are a blogger and a book lover, what better joy can be if someone provides you with a complimentary copy of books and expect you to read and review them in your blog? Now the joy is just a few clicks away through Yes, the website offers books for free to bloggers!

The categories of book mentioned in the site are: Fiction, family & entertainment, business & culture, General interests & lifestyle, practical living, gift books, young adult and Christian books. All you need is to create a profile in their website and once approved, you can choose your books from the list available. I did try it out and yes, I received a free book.

  • Don’t expect a wide range of books. Most times, you will only see a couple of books available. If the books listed are not of your choice, do visit the site again now and then, for any new additions.
  • Don’t expect popular books that are making waves, most books here are relatively unknown but then you do find some good picks. (It’s free anyways, so there is nothing much to complain about!)
  • You are expected to write a review of the book in your blog as well as in one of the consumer sites like, or
  • Tip: If you don’t have any previous purchase history with, you cannot post a review in their site. In that case, consider for submitting the review. Search for the particular title in the site and look for the link where you can submit review. At, you would be required to submit the url of both reviews at your site as well as the one you made in the consumer website before you can order another book for free.
  • It took around 20 days for the book to reach me. So you got a bit of waiting time after you place your request.

So Blogging does gives you little joy in the form of free goodies! Happy reviewing!

To visit click HERE

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    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Ya it was a good book but then you need to wait n watch if good books are added … at any point of time you find very few books displayed.. Anyways it’s not a big trouble except registering in their site once and just checking it now and then for books added. 🙂

      P.S > I received the book Burried Alive and it was quiet a good read.

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  2. Shas

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this info. I was looking for something like this.
    All your posts are pretty interesting. Blogrolling you.
    Happy blogging 🙂

  3. Abhilash

    That is indeed a good news and thanks for sharing it.
    I will try to do this way and let’s see if I can also win a book. 😉

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