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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

the-secret-book-cover-rhonda-byrne1Author – Rhonda Byrne

Publisher – New York: Atria Books

Pages – 198 (Hard Cover)

First Published – 2006

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1582701709

ISBN-13: 978-1582701707

Sometimes, some things happen to your life when need it the most. The same thing happened to me. I was overworked, and things were not working perfectly for me and more I thought about it, the more it became worse. So, I took a break and read a few books. One of them was ‘The Secret’ gifted by a friend of mine. I was very skeptical reading it as I don’t read much of motivational books. But, yesterday I read it and liked it to a certain extent. I liked the book because I wanted to like it.

The book preaches that we should be positive and being positive brings success to us. I felt much better after reading it and I was in love once again with myself.  But, it thoroughly disappointed me as it made me wonder that why a person would read a whole book when it says the same thing redundantly that could be summarized in one line.

The book is a huge success since it made debut in 2006. About 4 million plus copies sold till now and still going strong. The number of reviews available in the net is also a testimonial to the fact. Almost 2500 review available in Amazon itself. A well marketed book.

The book has a feel good factor but it lacks in many things. I felt good. But, that is not all. Sometimes I even felt like shooting myself. It talked about a person getting cured of Cancer because he wanted it. I know faith can enhance the speed of curing but completely curing by only faith is total bullshit. There were several other instances delivering many other sorts of bullshit. The book lacks a scientific support. The contributors aren’t credible as well as they are mostly motivational speakers.

I will give a 2 ½ stars for it. You may like to read it but I won’t say a must read book.

Book review submitted by Pramathesh Borkotoky

0 10 March, 2010 Books March 10, 2010

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An avid tea drinker, Pramathesh believes that the key strategy to survive in this world is to have great faith in the good, and GC provides the platform for that.

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  1. Guria

    They say the book comes to you when you really need it…
    I have read it. But I do not talk about it. Because it is not something that can be taught but felt. What all it says is, BELIEVE.

  2. Neha

    I mostly love reading fiction as motivational books hardly interests me. I might take reading this book if i happen to get it!


  3. Lazy Pineapple

    I liked it…but as you said no scientific basis does put a spanner in the whole theory. I found it to be a good motivation whenever I feel low.

    All of us take something whenever we read a particular book…be it fiction or be it a book like this. It all depends on perception.

  4. chetan

    I think you read that book once again with a feeling that,I am really going to benefit from that book,
    then the book rating 2.5 would surely increase……

  5. Sunil Gobbannavar

    Well, I watched the documentary, movie of the book. i loved it, it doesn’t say the same thing in its full length, it speaks about creating health wealth & happiness, gives action points as well, well it may have sold so many copies because it challenges to improve the most important thing- one’s own life. well i would say try it for yourself, spare time to see the documentary at least. apply principles it teaches sincerely & check the results for yourself. As a reader you have choice to believe it or not to anyway.

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