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A musical rendezvous with Manikanth Kadri

Manikanth KadriMeet Manikanth Kadri, son of Padmashri Kadri Gopalnath – His father created magic in saxaphone while he is an upcomming music director who has to his credit many films in Telugu and Kannada.  Lakshmi Rajan finds the rhythm with the  young, dynamic music director from South for an exclusice musical interview for GingerChai


1. How did your music journey start?

Though I grew up in musical environment in Mangalore, I didn’t have a serious thought about getting into music at all. I shifted to Chennai for my higher studies. Only after this, I kind of realized what I was missing being a son of such a legendry musician. Chennai is a place for aspiring and professional musicians. This atmosphere changed my views and my friend Prince of Arcot Asif Ali who later became my mentor taught me the nuances of electronic music production. I did a fusion album with my father Padmashri Dr. Kadri Gopalnath, titled “Dream Journey” This was very well received by people and the actual musical journey started.

2. What kind of music you personally enjoy listening to?

I like to listen to all kinds of music. I try to learn from all genres of music.

3. What kind of music you personally enjoy composing?

I guess I enjoy making melodious music. I try to keep some melody hook in all of my compositions.

4. Your father Padmashri Kadri Gopalnath created magic in Saxophone, which is your favorite musical instrument?

It can’t be anything else other than saxophone for obvious reasons. I am very proud to be his son. I worship his music. He is my Guru and everything I am today is because of his blessings and support.

5. Music is…

As said by beloved father Music is Universal, is divine. It has no region, religion. It has no borders and boundaries. I practice his experience.

6. If you have to describe your kind of music, how would you?

I don’t know where I stand to describe myself or my music. I really don’t think that I have grown up that level to be eligible to compare myself or my music with other composers. I believe in honesty and hard work. I believe in what I do. The rest is left to God. I can say I do music with my heart!

7. What criteria you look for when you choose a film project?

The main criterion is the story and I see who is going to handle it. (Director) If the story is good then the lead characters should be strong enough to handle it and take it to the next level. There should also be a lot of scope for music. And the TEAM matters the most.

8. Do you think language is a barrier when it comes to composing film music?

As I said earlier, in any form of music, Language will not be a barrier. If the movie is made for humans, then the way we all cry, laugh or any feel are the same. Presentation may vary. I try to get to the feel of the story and get an earthy feeling of that particular language or culture.

9. Indian music has been overshadowed by film music at least going by popular choice, what you think is the reason for non-film music unable to break the jinx?

I don’t believe in this. In spite if film music being popular, we have a huge section of crowd willing and dying to listen, learn Indian classical music. There are many albums getting released by famous/ new artistes. It’s just that they don’t get publicity like the film albums. So Indian classical music is still divie and pure.

10. Your favorite music director of all time?

Ilayaraja sir and A.R.Rahman sir.

11. Can you share any unforgettable musical moments in your life?

1st one is when I got the contract to go ahead with my debut album “Dream Journey”. I can’t forget the way my father came up to me, held my shoulder to tell that I can do it. I am still waiting for the 2nd great musical moment, which is to hear from him whether I have done it. Still waiting for a word of praise from him!

12. Your forthcoming projects?

In Kannada I am currently working of “PRITHVI” directed by Jacob Varghese and Power star Punit Rajkumar is playing the lead in it. “Swayamvara” Directed by R. Anantharaju, a Kitty, Daganth starrer is about to release in March. In Telugu, I am working on  Amayakudu.

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