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Atithi tum kab jaoge – review

atithi-tum-kab-jaogeWhat is positive about the movie? The pairing of Ajay Devgan and Konkana Sen. Unfortunately the good thing ends here.

Ajay Devgan, Konkana Sen and their son makes a happy, nuclear family living in Mumbai. They have no guests visiting them and his son has no idea about Athithi (guest) in their life. So they wish they too have a guest visiting them. And the day comes one day in the form of Chacha Lambodar from Gorakhpur, enacted by Paresh Rawal. The Athithi become a nightmare soon with his habit of gargling before sun rise, farting around (and Konkana sen emptying cans of room freshners) his “simple” diet of dal, chawal, 2-3 vegetables and sweet, his strictness with the housemaid and the couple end up wondering when will the guest leave and with no signs of him leaving.

The story is very predictable and the comedy plain boring. In fact, mid way of the movie I started wondering when will the movie end. Couple of people even walked out half way through. I was left wondering how the Hollywood production house Warner brothers ever approved this script. Did they just simply pump money with their eyes closed? Sheer waste of talent and money.

I think writer-director Ashwini Dheer stumbled upon the title and the short story and was hell bent on making it a movie but then the movie has to be at least 2 hours so added forcefully some supposed- to – be comedy that leaves you yawning and waiting for the curtains down. Very few good points that the director wanted to convey has been washed down thanks to bad scripting.

GingerChai Verdict: Total disappointment.

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  1. Nikhil

    too much dose of attempted comedy from ajay devgan now a days…he did well in few but now he should do other things also

    Paresh is becoming typical now…

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