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Do you have a Phobia?


Recently I seem to have acquired microphone phobia. I reconfirmed it when I attended the Indiblogger meet. When given the mic, I was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown that I quickly passed on the mic. This is quiet interesting considering the fact that I was a popular stage artist at school and mouthed a lot of dialogues over the microphone.  May be I acquired microphone phobia down the lane. Seems like I am not the only one, ABBA singer Agnetha Faltskog admits to have experienced a microphone phobia after becoming a successful singer  and drove her selves to be a recluse for 13 years!  When a great singer can turn mic phobic, I am a small fry. Acquired phobia? Psychologists says it happens.

The word phobia is derived from the Greek word fobos, phobos which means fear. Medical dictionaries define phobia as a persistent, irrational, intense fear of a specific object, activity, or situation (the phobic stimulus), fear that is recognized as being excessive or unreasonable by the individual himself.

With what is happening in Mumbai and all the talks about marathi manoos, I think it is closely related to Anglophobia – (Fear of England, English culture, etc) Francophobia (fear of France, French culture) and other similar phobias. So do we find a desi phobia here that explains the attack on North Indians in Maharashtra? I think the issue should be medically handled now.

Then we have Angrophobia – Fear of becoming angry. Whoa! This is quiet a sticky wicket.

Are you planning to impress your girlfriend with a bunch of cheerful flowers? Make sure she does not have Anthophobia – Fear of flowers, else it will be nightmare for you.

Then we have Caligynephobia or Venustraphobia. This is pretty interesting. It is a fear of beautiful women, seems like a thing of beauty is not necessarily a joy for ever!

I can safely say none of our politicians suffer from catoptrophobia. Do you know any politician who got fear of money? In this economic driven society, I am sure catoptrophobics will be a rare specimen.

If your mother or wife is nagging you for not getting into bed on time, you have an excuse to give. Tell them you are Clinophobia – fear of going to bed. I should try this next time.

Dendrophobia , I hope this phobia does not get into masses. Already we are loosing our forest cover and city tree cover at alarming rate. It is a fear of trees.

Are you worried why your spouse or children are not spending enough time at home? Poor souls may be they have Ecophobia – fear of home!

When you are interviewing a candidate for job, see if he/she has ergophobia. They might be fearing work.

Wonder why your boyfriend or girl friend always evades the question of marriage? May be they have Gamophobia – fear of marriage. And you blame them for not committing to relation ? Huh, not fair!

Don’t take your friend for a comedy movie if the person has Geliophobia – Fear of laughter. Life is a serious business for some people.

Recently a British minister has proposed that the immigrants to UK should learn how to queue, if they want to be British. Please tell him probably we suffer from Macrophobia – Fear of long waits. *Sighs* and they blame us for jumping lines.

Kareena kapoor by all probability may have Obesophobia. Her obsession for Size Zero may be due to fear of gaining weights. Clearly, Saif or Sony laptop has no complaints about it. So why do we care anyways.

Don’t ask your partner to look into eyes while you utter I love you, if they suffer from Ommatophobia– fear of eyes.

I wonder how many people have feared me due to my sporting of bald look. Peladophobia is a fear of bald people and I am very much sure I don’t have Phalacrophobia, fear of becoming bald. Sorry guys, I really like bald look and I cannot help if I triggered a bout of fear in you.

God help you if you are dating a person with Philophobia (Fear of falling in love or being in love) and even if you convince him or her, keep your fingers crossed that the person is not Philemaphobic!  (fear of kissing)

Can you ever think of a fear of thinking ? If you are shivering out there thinking about it, you probably are Phronemophobic.

And one thing am pretty much sure, we bloggers definitely don’t have fear of Cyberphobia or Logizomechanophobia i.e, fear of computers or working on a computer.

And God bless you, if you have Panphobia – fear of everything!

So do you have any phobia? Share with us. Unless you have a phobia to share things.

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  1. chatterbox

    I hope you conquer your phobia gradually.
    Thanks for sharing information about so many fears I had no knowledge about.
    Indeed the fear of thinking something would indeed be deadly for a day dreamer like me.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Sanchit Goyal

    Interesting article!!

    Every1 has lots of Phobia’s and fear of certain things. But its surprising how we acquire a phobia later in a life which we dint have earlier. I for example wasnt afraid of heights when I was a kid…

    I would climb a ladder without any support to get to top of roof to fetch the ball which I had hit from ground floor!! B-)

    But now I am uncomfortable even when I look down from 1st floor!! 🙁

    I recently read or I shall say heard an Audio book (I cant remember the name now 🙁 ) which talked about how deficiency of certain nutrient and hormones affected our mind.

    So I am guessing a phobia acquired at a later date may have something to do with food habits, location etc affecting body and hormones!!

  3. Susan

    I have micfophone phobia too. I got it when i was 11 years old. I cry in panic when i saw mic and ran away. Now, i can watch microphones and even sing to them but when other people even touch mics i strat to panic. Im really relieved that there is other people too who fear mics. :cute:
    (im sorry if my english is bad)

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