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Dance India Dance Season 2, February 19 – 20


Who will be the four lucky wild card entrants? Will the popular Dharmesh Sir be back into the competition? Our bird says the lucky four are : Dharmesh, Amrita, Jack and Saajan.

Watch the telecast in Zee tonight to see if our bird is right or not.

Visit us again later for the complete detail on this week’s episode.

February 19

It was the suspense episode where we waited patiently to hear the results of the final 4 participants who will form part of the Top 12.

The show started with the dance performances of all the 8 participants who formed part of the wild entry.

The first performance was of Parvez & Altaf from Geeta ki Gang and they danced on Dhan tena dhan from Kaminey in hip hop style, followed by a performance in Freestyle by Dharmesh and Amrita again from Geeta ki Gang. They both danced on Mere Haath Mein song. It was a different style for Dharmesh altogether and he did his best to make the performance beautiful.

After these first 4 performances, the results were announced for the 2 participants and yes! Dharmesh and Amrita are now the part of the TOP 12 who will fight for the top slot.

Bhavna & Saajan from Remo Ke Rangeeley performed on Aaja Gufayun mein aa and it was a mix of freestyle & contemporary. Again, it was totally a new forte for Saajan but he did pretty well. This was followed by a very sweet romantic performance from Jack & Vandana from Terrance ki Toli on the song Dil Kya Kare; it was American Waltz. Vandana looked really pretty and again Jack was a surprise package as waltz was again a new style for him.

Now was the announcement of the next 2 participants who would form part of the top 12; Jack and Saajan are in the top 12 now.

Mr.Muscle Tough move of the Day went to Parvez & Altaf.

Over all a good episode, even the old 8 chosen ones also performed and it was a power packed performance.

Feb 20th is going to be a Maha Episode and by trailers it looked to be something cool to watch for.

Till then keep dancing…

February 20

I believe that now all episodes of DID – 2 will be most awaited in themselves since the voting has started.

All the top 12 have now started competing for the “Sunhari Taqdeer ki Topi” in full josh! Today’s performances brought out the best of Mentors as well.

Nikkitasha(Tashu) from Remo Ke Rangeeley was the first to perform, and even if you can’t look at her performance, viewers can simply look at her face and enjoy themselves, she looked ravishing in blue outfit. She performed on Jane kya Jaaneman which was Indian Contemporary Dance Style. It was a soothing performance and she is really good at classical dance steps.

Saajan from Remo Ke Rangeeley performed on Paisa Paisa Karti Hai which was hip hop and b boying dance style; Shashank from Remo’s team performed on Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua in Hip Hop Dance Style. Punit from Remo’s team performed on Kurbaan Hua and it was Aerial Contemporary Style.

From Terrance ki Toli it was Jack, Kruti, Amar & Shakti – Jack performed on Aahun-Aahun & Mari Pant bhi Sexy in Hip Hop & freestyle. It was really a cute dance performance, he was styled as a radio station and he is picking up fast and really good. Kruti’s Bharatnatyam Style was mind blowing and she performed Draupdi Vastraharan. She was just too good and awesome; enacting 5 different characters was not only difficult but tricky too. However, she did very well and justified the performance. Amar performed on Mahi-Mahi in Contemporary Dance Style and he used a big wheel as a prop. Shakti performed on the song Naach in Contemporary Dance Style and a cage was used as a prop to enhance the performance. Over all Terrance ki Toli’s performance was cool.

Geeta ki Gang – Binny looked so beautiful and bollywood dance style suits her so much and her smile is something to enjoy for and she plays so well with her expressions. She performed on Dhoom Tana Tan in Bollywood dance style along with one of the traditional dance style where she used a head gear which had pots & candles to be balanced on head. This portion was little tacky as she appeared to be conscious but her jhtakas and all were marvelous. Amrita was super!! She performed on Teri Ore in Aerial Contemporary Dance Style and she is just too good & fantastic. She is actually a delight to watch when she performs. Dharmesh performed on the song Premika Ne Pyaar Se in Hip Hop & freestyle. He looked cute in the get up of a Pandit! Again he is a delight to watch, you can just watch him again & again. Kishore performed on Aaya Hai Raja in Huli Kali Dance Style.

Overall this episode was cool, and I believe that now on the standards of performances will keep going high by each episode since now the voting has started so they will leave no stone unturned.

Performers to watch for – Tashu & Saajan from Remo Ke Rangeeley; Jack, Kruti & Shakti from Terrance ki Toli; Amrita & Dharmesh from Geeta ki Gang. It is not that others are no good, but all these have some or the other edge over others. Voting is open till Monday

So India Keep dancing & Keep Voting.

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