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Finish the Story Contest : Format

finish-the-story Hi readers, as mentioned earlier, we are formally announcing our FINISH THE STORY Contest. The story of the contest along with the time table will be announced on Wednesday. The format of the contest is given below.

And yes, 3 prizes are up for grabs, thanks to our kind  sponsors!


Finger-pointing-icon At Cafe GingerChai , a contest story with an incomplete finish will be announced.

Finger-pointing-icon Participants can use their creative liberty to give a finish touch to the story.

Finger-pointing-icon After registering in Cafe GingerChai, Participants should post their entries as a draft from your login dashboard or mail your entries to

Finger-pointing-icon The entries will be published in Cafe GingerChai once the last date of submission is over. The name of the participants will be hidden and a code allotted to each entries to maintain an unbiased voting pattern.

Finger-pointing-icon All the participants of the competition can vote for the entries. Self-voting is not allowed and such votes won’t be considered.

Finger-pointing-icon One voter can vote for maximum 3 entries.

Finger-pointing-icon Once the voting closes, all the participants having their own blog can post their entries along with the story in their respective blog. (once you post in your blog, we will remove the entry from cafe and add a link to your entry in the cafe) The participants who does not have an own blog will have their entry published under their name in Cafe GingerChai.

Finger-pointing-icon Result of poll will  be declared and 5 finalists will be shortlisted.

Finger-pointing-icon GingerChai Author panel will further shortlist 3 entries out of the 5.

Finger-pointing-icon The winning entry will be selected by C V Murali, the author of the books Dreams die young and Prisoners of hate.



First Prize:  A Gift hamper from Prince Textiles.

Second Prize: A CD gift set from Buzzers.

Third Prize: Prisoners of hate novel by C V Murali.

Terms and Conditions:

Will be listed along with the story of the contest.

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He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. mani

    no need to yay! read it properly. if gc author panel is the judge then obviously no competition from gc. right? :mean:

    1. Usha

      LOL…That’s one thing and another thing after reading properly, (was skimming initially πŸ˜€ ) it says the GC author panel will shortlist 3 from the 5 finalists. So Do we not vote in the beginning?

  2. mani

    read it properly my dear! whats the matter? wandering thoughts(with due apologies to shilpa) or what? st valentines effect? who is it ? who is it? who is it? psst ! mail me… ahem! ok. Only participants vote the first round :evilgrin:

  3. Pramathesh B

    I need towels very badly. πŸ˜›
    I spend a fortune in towels. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    I will definitely try. But, the author of the original story shall not complain about the ending nor shall take any credit about it also.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      πŸ˜› ha ha and I can assure you the gift hamper is awesome one worth trying πŸ˜€

      Nopes the author won’t be complaining about the ending or shall take any credit about it 😎 Let your creative liberty take charge without any worries about it

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