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1130056_22089030 Have you ever wondered why people starts pelting stones at shops and buses whenever a high profile celebrity like a film star or mass leader/ politician dies? All of a sudden, from no where they get all the stock of stones, rods and wooden logs to carry out the mass destruction? Why the administration & police become a helpless mute spectator to burning down of vehicles, destruction of public properties and looting of showrooms. There are ample appropriate laws to deal with such a situation but the perpetrators of hooliganism and political party supporters to such riots are never punished. Long rope given by the law makers and keepers encourages future happenings.

‘3 idiots’ raised a storm over the story writer issue. The original writer Chetan Bhagat was all over the TV channels for a day but the heat generated by the hype died the very next day. I am still figuring out if it is a case of ‘Pen is mightier than……’ or the other way round. From the beginning, writers are an exploited lot, under paid and often made to shell out from their own pocket to bring out their book in the market. Now, they have to promote their own book through ‘book reading session’ or ‘sit in’ at book stores.

The issue of National film awards and Republic day Padma Shree Awards of late raises lot of eyebrows every year. Whoever thought that a film like ‘Oye lucky oye’ deserves a prestigious national award or Saif ali khan a Padma shree must ponder over their histrionic? Why is that a common man from the street or a slum and not associated with any NGO silently doing some thing for the poor overlooked for the award?

There are umpteen number of Music and Film channels churning out the same songs and films day in & day out. How many of these so called Music channels  have regular slot for classical songs, folk songs, devotional songs, folk music, talk shows by music teachers, music directors, singers or any programme on  imparting training in music instruments? Similarly, which of the film channels has slot for award winning films, old classics, programmes on the art of film making, film appreciation, film direction or film editing etc?

Every now and than politicians keep talking to media on some or the other issue and whenever  a hue & cry is raised by the public, they make a shameless U-turn saying that the media has ‘misquoted’ them or they bluntly deny the report even when said by them in camera! What makes them utter some thing which has to be denied later is a bone of contention? News channels create hype on certain issue for a day or two and sleep on it like a government. All of a sudden several years later a case like Ruchika’s crop up springing a surprise and leaving every one bewildered.

– Article written by S.R. Ayyangar. To visit his blog click Here

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  1. Ambi

    “Why is that a common man from the street or a slum and not associated with any NGO silently doing some thing for the poor and needy gets the award?”

    You meant to say “…needy NOT get the award?”??

  2. Lakshmi Rajan

    Padma Shree award has become a Joke. Hire a good PR agency, party with the right people at the right time – You have a good shot at it.

    National award for Oye Lucky Oye – Holy Reel!!!! I want to take an interview of the award jury for GingerChai :evilgrin:

    But I would disagreee with SR Ayyangar on Chetan Bhagat issue. Come on! CB is no average writer who has been take for a ride by scheming film industrywalas. He is IIT, IIM product, worked with an MNC bank. He has definitely a better grey cells in management and financials that any average writers in the market. When he has signed the contract before without making his stance specific why make a hue and cry when the movie is released? Oh wait, I heard this controversy boosed the sale of his novel “Five Point Someone”. Did you sense a good marketing ploy? Ah the holy IIM halo ! :talktothehand:

  3. Sanchit Goyal

    Your article is sort of a mixed bag for me. I agree on some points you have mentioned and would disagree on few others.

    In chetan Bhagat’s case it looks like more of a case of playing the victim card. His contract mentioned “rolling credit” and he got that. If he wanted it at the beginning he should have been more specific in the 1st place. And dint he said earlier that he has seen the final output and is happy with it. Only when the movie got huge success he mentioned the point. Anyways thats debatable!

    And 2nd point- “Oye lucky lucky oye” got the award for “best ENTERTAINMENT film”. I guess that is fine. Now no serious or thought provoking film would get that award.

    Apart from that I would agree on all other points. And Saif ali khan getting a Padma shree is a big joke. And the bigger joke is Chatwal getting the Padma bhushan!!

    1. S.R.Ayyangar

      I am just amused at Chetan Bhagats’ u-turn the very next day, any guess? And there were better entertainment films than the one I mentioned which only propogates stealing in a silly manner!

  4. Dhiman

    I agree with Sanchit “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!” won the ‘Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment’ Award which I guess was justified as the film was popular and also was not harmful for health 😉

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