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Veer Review


The scene is set at 1850’s. The ruthless, fearless warrior clan, Pindaris, are betrayed by the king of king of Madhavgargh after they help him win a battle. They swear revenge on the king and the British whom he supports. A prince is born to the chieftain of the clan, who grew up to a ruthless yet charming veer. He vows to annihilate the enemies. In-between, falls in love with the daughter of their enemy king and finally takes his revenge.

It was touted as a desi Braveheart and Gladiator but at 2 hours and 40 minutes it is ridiculous at many a occasion and makes you laugh at places that is not supposed to be a comedy. Our Veer rips out the intestine of enemy, we have a gladiator style swayamvaar, where our super hero warrior fights a beefy firangi and twists his head 360 degree and then we have a villain king sporting a golden hand jeweled with diamond rings!  When will our Bollywood directors learn that only brawn and glossy cinematography will not make a good film? A good film requires a good script and like most Bollywood films, Veer falls flat in that department. Someone tell director Anil Sharma that script is mightier than brawn and loud, vee(r)ie dialogues and that one Gaddar-ishqye story telling will not succeed always.

Salman Khan no doubt looks wonderful as veer. He charms you in the romance sequences, the actions, when he growls like a lion (am not kidding here) and especially his arrivals with the wolf whistles BGM. The role is tailor made for actor like him. One person who impressed me more was good old, Mithun da. He is brilliant as a rustic warlord. Much has been talked about Katrina look alike and chubby Zarine Khan. She looks pretty and laughs pretty but then you cannot bank on a long career tagged as a duplicate. She better shed her chubby features and get her basics right in her next assignments, provided she get offers. The other star casts are like curry leaves but adds no flavors.

The only saving grace of the movie apart from the screen presence of Salman & Mithun da are the cinematography by Gopal Shah and  music by Sajid-Wajid.

Ginger Verdict: A colossal waste. Watch it only if you are a die hard Salman Khan fan.

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