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Right Fit Wrong Shoe











Don’t be confused! This is the title of the book which I read at a pace even I am surprised. I have read it 3 times! Well, I am not sure why did I read it 3 times but I did and I think I can read it yet again.

When I first saw the cover of this book, the thought was “yellow yellow dirty fellow sitting on a buffalo”; why that fellow was sitting on buffalo even I am not aware. Yeah! the cover is all yellow and black with a female figure posing in the centre of the cover page. It was not the cover which attracted me to pick this book but the title! It is written by Varsha Dixit, published by Rupa and costs  Rupees 95/-. I guess this is an irresistible price for me when it comes to books 🙂


This is a story of Nandini & Aditya, a typical Indian Mills & Boons kind of romance; Just that it picks lots and lots of things and cues from our good ol’ Bollywood. The writer seems to be so very much inspired by Bollywood and she is candid to admit so. The story is set in Kanpur. Nandini’s family and Aditya’s family are old family friends. Their friendship starts blossoming after Aditya Sareen’s family comes down to stay next to Nandini’s house, it starts with hate – love relationship. Nandini is like a lassi in a wine glass for Aditya, he wants a girl for himself who has a class and doesn’t wear sneakers with jeans but with the gym track pants! Still he finds her attractive. The story slips into flash back after the first chapter. Sneha is the best friend of Nandini, through their conversation readers get introduced to Aditya. He is the big shot (the typical TDH hero from Mills & Boon but he is fair in this book ;)). So in flashback we get to know that initially the relation began as Tom & Jerry between Aditya and Nandini when they are hell bent to show down each other. I actually enjoyed their verbal repartee. They both realise the love for each other when Aditya is off for 3 months on some project. Due to some misunderstanding they both had to part the ways. And now Aditya Sareen is back with a bang and buys the company in which Nandini works and is hell bent on making her life miserable for breaking his heart. The only thing is that he falls short of stamina when it comes to hurting Nandini but he still tries and to some extent he succeeds too. Meanwhile Nandini suffers like good ol’ movie heroine. After a few twists & turns, they make a peace but they keep out of each other; enters the other woman (side heroine) with whom Aditya is going to marry. Some how like a typical Hindi bollywood fare, our hero realises at the very last (well almost the last moment at the time of announcement of engagement) that he is not sure of his steps and he cannot shake off the past and time spent with Nandini and off he goes in search of answer. And then he is back and readers get to know the mystery of break up, the happy ending 🙂 Hero meets the heroine and both families are happy 🙂


One can finish the book flat in 2 hours if you read continuously. The romance in the book is nothing new but you would still read it because it is like a dream kind of story when you are 16-17 year old. All the chapters are the titles of Hindi movies and ringtones are lifted from the songs :). There is quite a use of our won typical Hindi gaalis (abuses) which we even use in our daily routine (I kind of liked it actually!). All in all it is a typical known story but I suggest to read it as it has a feel good factor about it.At some places it gets humorous too and you wouldn’t want to keep it down, not because it is funny at times but it is like a good old lassi in our ordinary glasses!

Author: Varsha Dixit

Publisher: Rupa

ISBN: 9788129115232

Format: Paperbound


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  1. Varsha Dixit

    Dear Divya,

    Thank you for reading(3 times indeed) my debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe. Your review is immensely entertaining, well written and fun. Am glad u enjoyed it. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy 2010.

    Take care! Do keep readin and bloggin….

    Varsha Dixit

    1. Divya

      Thanks so much Varsha for visiting the blog 🙂 I am glad that u liked it! Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.
      Hope to see ur another book soon….take care

    1. Divya

      Hmmm….for a change i suggest you read it, may be you will like it! This will be fun reading it…..thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

  2. Divya

    Thanks Chetan for visiting the blog :)…i am sure u will enjoy the journry along with the book 🙂

  3. Ekta Khetan

    This sounds good. There is plethora of novels by Indian authors in market, all claiming to novel. hence it becomes difficult to pick right ones esp by meagre/ impatient readers like me 🙂

    This book sounds good enough to try…lemme check out 🙂

  4. Sunny

    yeh … the book is really great. Especially the presentation n the faint part and then the whole college to home journey. It was mind boggling. Thanks varsha fr givng such a nice novel. it was really a pleasure to read. even i hve read it 3 times

  5. Meenu

    Just read this book yesterday……… gud one….
    going to be in my collection….
    Varsha waiting for your next… Gud Luck… 🙂

  6. Sreedevi

    Friends, If u really wanna enjoy reading… just leaf thru the pages of this entertaining thriller ‘right Fit wrong shoe’…!!

    varsha,ur debut is awesome.. very well articulated…!!!
    All the best for the upcoming ones…!

  7. xyz

    a really gud book!,just read it n ur rght it took me just 2 hrs or so to finish it but ever minute was worthwile…….:)

  8. Varsha Dixit

    Hi Divya and all those who liked my debut bestseller Right Fit Wrong Shoe.

    My second book Xcess Baggage just came out. The story is way different but the bedroom chemistry is gr8. Have worked hrd to keep it that way :). Do let me know what you think, would love to hear from u all. Thank you Divya for threading us all together here on your blog. Happy reading.

    Varsha (interview with the Author)

  9. anwesha

    i read the book xcess baggage and it was really very nice and it was quite diffrnt from uor previous i wanted the story to end hapily lyk uor previuos one…bt neways…i lykd reading it..

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