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Pyaar Impossible – Review

Pyaar-impossible The promos looked cute. Uday Chopra wearing the “mandatory” black rimmed spectacles to give a geek look was nevertheless looked a bit adorable in the trailers attempting an impossible love with hot chick Piggy Chops. So I kind of had a pre-set mind that this movie is going to be one cute sweet movie. I learnt the good old lesson “Looks (Trailers) can be deceiving”

1 Beauty + 1 Geek = Pyaar Impossible. Well, that is the catch line of the movie written and scripted by actor Uday Chopra himself. What you have along with the movie is a beaten to the last straw story with loose ends.

Like many heroes have done in the movies earlier in the stories of improbable loves, Abhay Sharma tells us about his huge crush, love he has over Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) the hot, bold and beautiful lass of the college. Ofcourse, his love is one-sided and she does not even know about his existence. He once even saves her life! Anyways, college ends. Fast forward 7 years. Abhay is still a geek, still lost in thoughts over his college crush and lives with his papa (Anupam Kher). He writes a brilliant software like any geek worthy of his salt would do and gets conned by Varun (Dino Moreo). Enter Alisha again. Now she is a divorced working mother and have a six year old daughter, Tanya – a little brat. Now you know how the story would proceed in a typical Bollywood style and it does expectedly.

Director Jugal Hansraj tries his best to give a movie a fresh look out of the battered good old story line but finds it almost impossible. Udhay Chopra knows his limitations as an actor and fits into the geek role easily but then at times the geeky looks gets irritating. Yash Chopra, Udhay and Jugal Hansraj has banked heavily on Priyanka to make her look as gorgeous as possible after all it is supposed to be a mismatched “Pyaar impossible” pair. Music by Salim – Sulaiman is listenable and above average.

GingerChai Verdict: A very ordinary movie, watch it if you are bored to death and have nothing else to do. Definitely you won’t regret if you miss it also.

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  1. Abhilash

    Thanks Lakshmi for the review. I do not want to sleep, so will have to decide twice before watching it. The old munna pappu stories are jumbled and brought in new style where munna is replaced by rohit of koi mil gaya and pappu is replaced by pappi. “gisi piti, peetne layak khahani” 🙂

    A dialogue by my friend.

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