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3 Idiots guide to Bloggers
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3 Idiots guide to Bloggers


Most of you would have watched the movie “3 Idiots” by now. If not, first watch the movie and then read this topic for better enjoyment and understanding of the article.

What made me combine 3 Idiots and Blogging tips? Well read along you will know.

Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad: In the movie “Rancho” is the key Idiot of the three. What are the characteristics of the character?

  • He gives creative answer to the professor (remember when the professor says millions have been spent on finding a special pen that can be used on space by astronomers, Rancho simply says “instead they could have done with a pencil”)
  • He gives unorthodox answers (remember his long twisted line to simply mean a book)
  • He is passionate for excellence
  • He does not chase ranks though ranks follows him
  • He is witty and at times whacky
  • He is attached towards his friends

Be a “Rancho” Blogger: Be creative in your writing. Think Different. A thousand people may write about a same news but if you develop an unorthodox style, creative, unique style – you will stand apart. Discover and cultivate your own writing style. Write about subjects that you are passionate about. Don’t chase the blog stats, pagerank , alexa rank, google analytics etc. Everything will fall in place once you are passionate for excellence. Your readers also develop to be your friends in due course. Develop a rapport with them, be nice and show your attachment to them. It will help you in developing a regular line of readers.

Farhan Qureshi: He is one of the other idiot of the trio in the movie. Though he was passionate for wildlife photography he was forced to pursue engineering by his parents. Later in the movie, he realizes his true call and convinces his parents to chase his real dream.

Be a Farhan Blogger: Don’t waste your time on blogging just because every third person you know is blogging. Blog if you really want to blog and blog on subjects you really want to write about.

Raju Rastogi: His grade slips because of his fear. Fear for future. He starts trusting in lucky charms. Later he gains self-confidence and sheds away his dependence on lucky charms. He accepts his mistakes he made  and overcomes it.

Be a Raju Rastogi blogger: Don’t fear what your blog will be in future. Don’t succumb to pressures. Have confidence in you – confidence in your blog, your writing, work on developing your style and update your knowledge on the blogosphere. Accept mistakes made and try to rectify it. Don’t be an always a “scratch my back, I will scratch yours too” blogger. People will scratch back consistently only if you have a good blog. Simple.

Millimeter: Though he was illiterate, he was an adorable character. He had a knack to mingle with everyone and finally this character made it to be a centimeter.

Be a millimeter blogger: You might be a non-techie. So what? Be a likeable character you will have many to help you out. Soon trickle of knowledge will make you a centimeter.

Chatur Ramalingam: A character who typically mugs of the lessons. Aims at only rank. Goofs up a speech in the ceremony by mugging up a text without knowing the meaning.

Don’t be a Chatur blogger: Don’t make a fool out of yourselves by writing on subjects that you have no clue about.

Virus: A principal of the college obsessed with the motto :Life is a race:

Don’t be a Virus: Don’t consider blogging a race and your co-blogger fellow racers. Don’t punish yourselves to exhaustion and desperation out of this thought. Run your own race. Run along with excellence. Be best in what you do and be dedicated to it, fame and recognition will come along in due course of time. Understand your strength and fault lines and craft your blog destiny.

Five Point Someone: Give due credits. The success of 3 Idiots had its own controversy in the name of “Five Point Someone” Chetan Bhagat. In this article, I am not going to delve into the controversy and take stance on who was right and how much is right. (It makes for a different article) The point is as long as you are a small time negligible blogger no one is going to stir a controversy (remember the flop movie “Hello” based on another Chetan Bhagat novel, since it was a dud movie it was not even worth stirring a controversy) but if you are a blogger of some stance be very careful in giving due credits to other’s works. Controversy does help at times but it comes along with a price. Weigh your options before stirring a controversy. (Last heard, the book “Five Point Someone” is having a brisk rerun, am not saying anything controversial– just shared an information)

So I hope you enjoyed my “3 Idiots guide to Blogging”.

Happy Blogging !

Credits: The topic image is based on the movie poster of 3 Idiots.

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  1. Ambi

    “Don’t be a Chatur blogger: Don’t make a fool out of yourselves by writing on subjects that you have no clue about. ”

    Applies to the comment section too… no?

      1. sharat

        @LR, there was one character Suhaas, fiance of Kareena in 3 I, he was lovably called ‘Gadha’, he also gives tip for blogging – Don’t consider your writing the best! Leave it to the readers to judge, do not super-impose yourself on fellow bloggers! You know where I am referring to…….:D

  2. sharat

    we can ‘use’ 3 idiots in any reference…such is the brilliance of movie and the medium of cinema!
    And with Chetan Bhagat’s controversy….it shows that it pays to be controversial…
    just wait for a controversial blog I am going to post soooon….:D

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Will look forward to it.

      Latest Tweets that is going rounds: Breaking News CB demands credit4 Andhra-Telangana issue. Claims its based on his novel ‘2 States’ >> LOL

  3. shilpa

    This was a creative post. Good one!
    I will add one more thing, “Be a ‘Lakshami Rajan’ blogger.” Find creativity from anything and everything and let the readers enjoy. 😛



  4. Shilpa Garg

    Applause! Applause!! Applause!!! 🙂
    Very creative post!!
    Inspiring, thought provoking as well as actionable!!
    Liked it!! 🙂
    3 Cheers!! 🙂 😀 🙂

  5. Neeraj

    The word ‘idiots’ is gaining catchy popularity these days and so I am noticing blogging community using it in their post headlines too 🙂

    It seems that your post is much influenced by the movie :p Great work!

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Without doubt the post is influenced by the movie 😛 and about the word’s popularity in blogosphere, “beat the rod, when it is hot” 😀

  6. abhishek

    I like the comments as posted by u guys…..
    but my individual perception about this movie is as dramatic and moral giving film……..
    but do not copy the perception of aamir’s role as it can have negative aftermath.

    learn the saying as love ur passion..don’t cram up things……
    but do not copy Ranncho in ur lyf……

    IT is an imaginary concept of Ranchho lyf as truth is a stranger than fiction………….virtually urs…….

    “Lines above said are meant to IDIOT person who copy the film characters over them as being over-inspired by them”……….

  7. The Author

    great post!
    I am a rancho kind of blogger.Just started so i think this is normal.Will try to improve but i really get annoyed when there are no comments. :shame:

  8. Pushpee

    Fantastic…just when I was feeling lost (I have very few real friends in the blogger world because I make comments only if I have something to feeback/comments for my blog too…so scratching somebody’s back is out of question for me). I write for fun ….sometimes I do get blogger block too heehehe…this article has revived a faith in myself again…thanks for this..

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