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Now Running: Alice in GingerLand

Alice-square With GingerChai having completed it’s 6 month run, we decided to have a creative promotional TV advertisement. We could not afford renowned ad makers like Alque padamsee or Prahlad kakkar nor the slot in TV space but will that deter creative chaiwalas that we are? ManiPadma decided to script our own play. So here we have our first in-house promo “Alice in GingerLand” . It’s a hilarious spoof based on the events,topics and comments so far in GingerChai land involving our wonderful authors. Let your imagination do the rest upon the script we have. Enjoy!

It is to let know readers that we seriously have a funny genes in us and have a dose of fun while working together for GingerChai. After seeing err reading?! and visualizing the promo, if you decide to jump into the bandwagon of GingerChai author panel, feel free to contact us.

Let the show begin. Have fun !

Visit the movie hall HERE

Mani Padma, What an idea Madamji !

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She is a Doctor by profession , working in Delhi. Loves traveling, mind games and playing with words… And also the chief-co brewer of GingerChai. She is the chief brewer of some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Follow @manishalsam

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