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Guwahati picturelogue


smiley Hi friends I am back again with yet another in My JITC series (though a bit delayed) and the Jewel being portrayed from our Dear Crown India is Guwahati from North East India- Housing the political capital of Assam Dispur,

Icon5 It is well connected by air, railways and roadways. it’s a picturesque city situated between the eastern flanks of the Himalayas and gateway to the seven Northeastern states of India. Besides being the Biggest City in Assam and a vital tourist point ,it is an attraction on its own

Icon7 It is a perfect blend of the Old and the new , of the occult and the modern. A city on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, abundant in natural beauty with its pristine sand banks, verdant countryside and blue hills

Icon8 Though its full tourism potential was not developed earlier due to insurgency, now everyone has woken up – from the grass root level to the upper echelons of the administration ( The GOI has announced special LTC schemes), so I think its time we gave the people of Assam a chance to show us their hospitality.

Icon2 I have tried to bring to you the essence of Guwahati in these few random snapshots but as always I will only say that Guwahati is much more than these.

smiley I would like to take the opportunity to thank my friend Dr.Jayati Nath who has captured Guwahati in her photo lens and allowed me to share it with the world

Here is a slideshow of Guwahati :

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0 12 December, 2009 Jewel in the crown December 12, 2009

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  1. David

    Beautiful place! I have heard a lot about Kerala, Goa and Rajasthan but this place seems to be underrated!

  2. Alka

    I should nag my hubby to take me to Guwahati this summer .. If i start the operation now only, i can hope to make him pack our bags lol

  3. mani

    @ David ! I agree with you in your view of it being underrated but maybe with time and your patronage things will change in the future.
    @ Alka. Thats nice.Visit there during spring or autumn.

  4. Pallav

    Oh Guwahati! These captivating pictures made be so home sick. I am so touched by this post. Come to Guwahati …that’s all I can say!

  5. mani

    @ Sharat! Thanks . Glad you liked it. Well keep visiting for more. The next one planned is Manali. I guarantee you , you will like it

      1. mani

        You like snow. well the moment it gets posted I wil personally come to inform you in your blog. I like people who love nature . especially the Himalayas

  6. jayati nath

    hey guyz,
    thanx to Mani ….you all have been a part of this beautiful lil trailer …..let me assure you the whole picture is even more mersmerizing and breathtaking……..and thanks for appreciating my photographs…….its the way i look at Assam……….yes…….through a love-tinged pair of looking glasses !!!!!!!

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