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My date with Harley Davidson

Being a car & bike freak, Harley Davidson naturally is my dream bike. Any bike enthusiast will love to mount on the legendary cult mean machine and hit the road. (For the non-bike enthusiast but movie buff you would have seen the Harley bikes in many Hollywood movies, remember Arnie in Terminator?) So I was excited last Sunday when Harley Davidson organized “Founders ride” in Bangalore.

Thanks to my photographer friend, I got a chance to get a close look at the bikes. So I was all geared up and was at Jayamahal Palace at 8’o clock in the morning where my date with the power machine started. Beauties of different models , colors were lined up there. I was spoilt for choice and was ogling at them. Definitely these bikes are “neighbors envy, owner’s pride”


The H-D date started with a briefing about the cult bike brand by the company executives. I was all ears for the facts and details about THE motorbike.

Beauties lined up

Then the founders ride compromising proud Harley owners of Bangalore and company executives drove through the roads of Bangalore to New Bangalore Airport. It was an eye-stopper all along the ride. From Bangalore Airport the ride was back to Bangalore Palace. There we had a media briefing and photo shoot session. I rued for not getting along my camera and has to content clicking pictures with my mobile.

@ Bangalore Palace Harley Daters

Then the atmosphere changed to party mode in Olive restaurant and the  fun continued with food and wine.

The expected street price in India for Harley collection starts roughly around 9 Lakhs. At that price tag, the initial 15 models that the company is planning for India can be dated by only very exclusive people in India. For the rest, we do have our desi bajaj and hondas. But then, no harm dreaming a hot date, right?!

Article written by Sanjiv Vakharia. Sanjiv is a Car & Bike enthusiast from Bangalore.

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  1. jayati

    magnificent !! mindblowing !! magical !!!
    all those adjectives were for the harley davidson..of course !!
    I dont remember the date n day…but one look at it was enough for me to fall for it…HOOK,LINE AND SINKER !! My love for HD has stood the test of time… was the only reason I endured ‘DHOOM” soooo many times !! (apart from John abraham that is…)…!!!!
    sigh !! sigh !!!

  2. mani

    @Jayati Liar. You wont even recognise one even if it stared at you right on your face. You tolerated Dhoom only cos of JA

  3. chatterbox

    Wow! my hubby is a great fan of Harley. He dreams of eventually owning one in next five years.

    I must say these bikes are a real beauty.

    Thanks for adding this post 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Aneet

    My roommate worked for Harley! They had to let him “go”!!!

    I’ve never been a bike or car enthusiast and that scares a lot of people, given that I hold several degrees in Mechanical Engineering! 😀

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