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Every blog has its own day

dog “My friends blog, So I too started blogging”

“Since childhood I used to scribble, so why not do it online?”

“Started as time pass”

“I always wanted to voice my opinion – blogging gave me a platform”

“One day I just woke up and created one”

“Err… I forgot how but now ‘am blogging”

“It was free… so tried”

“I always wanted to be a writer…”

May be one of the above reason or something else could have led you to blogging. If it was something else, do share “how it all started for you” in the comment section. Some of you might have hit upon readers block or comments block or bloggers block resulting in a writers block. If you are one of the victim this post is to pep you up.

The Blog mantra : “Every Blog has its Own Day”

Yes. You, Me, We and every dog blog owner has its own day but we need to prepare ourselves for that day.

How ?

Icon7 Keep writing. One day the world will look back into pages (atleast bet Google search to help in that)

Icon8 Be sincere to yourselves when you write. If even you don’t like what you write, spare a thought about others.

Icon7 Write on subjects that interests you. Instead of being a “Know all” be good at what you are genuinely good at. For example, You don’t like cricket. Fair enough. Don’t attempt to write on “how great the last match was” Instead try writing “Why it does not interest you” “Why you don’t find God in cricket stadium”. Trust me – You can be assured of fair number of eyeballs turning towards you.

Icon8 Be creative. You can even write “how to mash potato” in an interesting & creative way that will the blog worth its bytes.

Icon7 Be consistent. Don’t write on first day of January and then wake up to write a post on 5th day of March. Write regularly and consistently. Even if you write once in a week, let your readers know when to expect your next post.

Icon8 Do Interact – Am single ready to mingle. Ok, I just meant you are single as an blog owner so do mingle with readers. ( I just spiced up a bit to trigger interest, nothing else)

Icon7 Spice up a bit. It does no harm if you spice up your writing a bit in your own style. Well, am not asking you to do any nasty things but occasionally you can wear the coat of “devil’s advocate”. People love it.

Icon8 Be Patient. Yes, finally be patient and be positive. After all, you should be knowing it by now or read the post header again.

Happy Blogging!

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  1. sharat

    yeeeeeeee….my story….my first blog came on 12th Dec’2008…it was to pent-out emotions that filled after 26/11…my ‘dog’ err ‘blog’ celebrats everyday when it receives your comments…recently I had sonu nigamm commenting on one of the blogs written on Anu Malik….oline scribbling is now my lifeline…

  2. Abhilash

    Thanks for this lovely post Lakshmi.

    I started blogging as a means to record my daily funny happenings and to laugh and think once I am too aged.

    also the another motive is to let people know what problems I faced and how they can get rid of them.

    The points you mentioned were usful.

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Interesting and informative post!
    Some thoughts got reinforced! 🙂
    Well, I was pushed into the blogosphere by a friend who felt I had that flair to express!! Don’t know about that but I am hooked! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    Wow ! This is a real nice post, more than that it is really motivating.

    As a blogger I know the challenges of blogging. Sometimes you just can’t understand why you write something on a blog which is only read by a handful of people.

    Then getting the right things to write is the other problem, which is a big struggle. I was always envious of people who seem to be able to do. I do know that they would have gone through the same situation atleast once in life

  5. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Antarman, Dhiman

    Thanks guys 🙂

    @ Sharat, Abhilash

    Nice to know how you guys started blogging !


    but now you are hooked more into Farmville :p


    Welcome to GingerChai!


    Ya the 5th point applies to you :p make note of it 😉

    @ Pramathesh

    Old wine in new bottle! But then for new bloggers it adds value… Will try to come out with blog tips articles more often 🙂

    @ Ambi

    That was a “Must-do” tip for new bloggers 😀

    Thanks !!!

  6. mani

    Relevant points especially the second one and third and… eesh! why am i beating about the bush.All of them are relevant

  7. jayati

    hey ! nice !! i like i like !! i believe …..dont think ,when, why…..the best way to do it is simple….JUST DO IT !!!!!

  8. chetan

    well, let me tell you my story about how i started blogging…..

    well, after completing my graduation, i was getting bored as i didn’t get joining, and i have this long cherished dream to write a book, because i am crazy for books,it’s like,if i would find a mall burning, then i ‘d steal all the books(it’s not a joke, but there’s a time, when i use to think like that)

    but then i also know that, i have to develop my writing style, and i also don’t have anything to do, so i started blogging, alongwih writing a book,
    i don’t know, how many years would i take to complete that,
    but i’d not be leaving this blogging

  9. Shas

    “Since childhood I used to scribble, so why not do it online?”
    This was one of the things which motivated me to start a blog and with some encouragement from a dear friend. Initially it was tough expressing my personal thoughts on a public platform but now i can do it with much ease.
    Thanks for the tips. Its quite helpful 🙂

  10. restless mind

    hi! I am a new user/sipper of ginger chai! looks like a very interesting place.

    My story-

    I was at the verge of depression, in the middle of my life, with bottled up emotions, waiting to burst out, but no place to go. I created my blog, it lent me an ear. Here suddenly i found the ground beneath my feet again. Slowly and magically, my blog became my anchor, anchor of my life. I have transended personal pains because, i knew i have a place to be myself. My blog is my anchor.

    Restless mind.

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