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One True Love


I saw him again.

Our eyes met.

I resisted the urge but conformed eventually. I left the place embracing him. The missing piece in my life has returned.

Back at home, I ripped his top open.

“You taste better than you ever did, my Lays Potato Chips.”

***I Surrender by Celine Dion; in the background.***

Note: Similar to Detox, I was De-Lays-ing for a couple of months. Not anymore. Winter and diet do not go well together.

This  55 fiction format story is written by Usha Amudhan.

For more about 55 fiction click here

0 23 November, 2009 55 Fiction November 23, 2009

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Born in Singapore and currently pursuing Medicine in China, Usha Amudhan has to her credit Indie Rhythms series in GingerChai. She also dabbles with various other genres of writing. Follow @ushaonthego

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