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Maya’s dream: Ambedkar Park

Some people like their name to be sculpted in history.

When you position yourself as a champion of under-privileged people and have the power to serve them:  you can uplift them through education, you can provide social security for them , you can provide basic health care for them OR you can simply spend millions to make a park.

Mayawati’s dream “Ambedkar Park”

Check the picture slideshow of the park.

Pictures by: Hindustan Warrior.

0 23 November, 2009 Third Eye November 23, 2009


  1. sharat

    We elite can criricise as much we want. Ultimately its the democratic process that will decide whether Mayawati is right or wrong. She has positioned Ambedkar Park as a symbol of Dalit liberty. Whether they endorse it would be clear in next elections. Till then it will be a mere legal excercise. Afterall Mayawati is also right when she says that nobody criticises Congress for putting up statues of their leaders or Maharashtra planning a Shivaji Chatrapati’s statue !

    1. Lakshmi Rajan

      She has positioned Ambedkar Park as a symbol of Dalit Liberty?

      Lets face the realit. Have the dalits attained liberty? atleast self respect? The answer is no. The politicians have only manipulated them and still keeping them in dark ages inspite of all promises.

      Mayawati champions the cause of Dalits. She has become the CM of the state. She has the power to deliver. The question is did she deliver? Instead of Park , if she had made Dr.Ambedkar University or Dr. Ambedkar Hospital and provided free education and health care for the dalits. I would have admired it. The so called symbol of liberty is just to hoodwink the people from the actual deliverance.

      1. sharat

        @LR, its not that other government initiatives are absent, they r taking place, but the ‘elitist’ media is just seeing the negative aspects…after all Ambedkar Park is not just for Dalits, its open for all, You can see couples toooooooooooooooooo coocoooing…(in lighter vein, of course!)

  2. Ambi

    One needs to know what is good to actually do good. This is an example of the opposite extreme.

    “Hey, because the congress does it, I will do it too…”

    This just makes the already incorrigible woman look more foolish.


  3. Sambitesh-the best owner

    I have actually been to Ambedkar park and man what stupid wastage of money. So much expensive granite is used for flooring that u slip while u walk ( personal experience 🙁 ) …

    Another issue was that of Ambedkar murti which kept getting made and then unmade … during my stay in Lucknow, it was broken and restructured 3 times.

  4. Vishal-Better than the best owner

    Its standard tactics used by politicians of all kind to take public for granted Mayawati is not the first but in this specific case she is the trend setter with exaggerated number of self statues, Every intelligent and educated person in India knows that statues won’t uplift the Dalits but may be she wants them to remain poor and socially backward so that they remain as Maywati’s loyal vote bank in the name of hope, The same hope which makes Muslims remain as vote bank of Congress(Ref. Saccahar Committee report)

  5. Pins N Ashes

    If she could have just looked into the litracy n education problems in her state, instead of building this so called park…. Makes me think, Money grows on trees these days, if yes, I would love to plant it in my back yard!!

    atrocious wastage

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