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Mesmerized in Munnar


smiley Here I am back again with the crown that is India and the Jewel that will be showcased is MUNNAR. Relatively untouched unspoiled at an altitude of 1600m above sea level in South India, Kerala to be precise, this once upon a time British summer resort is fast emerging as a popular hill station because of its abundant natural beauty.

Icon4 Location: Munnar is located in the eastern part of the state of Kerala, in the southern region of India, amongst the craggy hills of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1524 m above sea level. It is 130 km east of Kochi and borders the state of Tamil Nadu.

Icon1 Best time to visit: The weather in Munnar is pleasant. Summers (April–June) are mild, while winters (November–February) are cool. It experiences heavy southwestern monsoon rains in June–August. Avoid the monsoon season while visiting Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar is between the months of October to March.

Icon7 As this section is a part of photo speaks, naturally the highlight will be the photographs, which I had taken randomly of whatever that caught my fancy (amateur that I am) and not implying any logical progression. These are simply to delight your visual senses and encourage you to take a trip your self and enjoy the beauty of the place with your own eyes and with your loved ones. Nothing will delight me more than knowing that somebody has actually been inspired by this series to visit a highlighted spot.

Icon8 Believe me, taking a vacation is not a gargantuan task and can be managed easily with proper planning, at which I am sure you are better than me.

Icon2 Rest of the wordings that follow are descriptive captions rather than informative bytes but I will be delighted to face any queries (if any) from you in the forum but before that the visual treat! Again I would like to remind that Munnar is much more than these random snapshots






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0 12 November, 2009 Jewel in the crown November 12, 2009

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    1. mani padma

      Hi Ambi. First of all welcome to the club. Seems to me you are quite spicing up things here 🙂 but we are happy to have you.
      Now your reply to the query. we had stopped over en route to kumarkom from oooty for a night halt while doing the sightseeing at day time. So we hadn’t really thought much about the hotel . It was Munnar inn which was at the heart of the town. Easy accesibility and a budget hotel
      But let me give you a tip on free stay. See club mahindra people ( hope they don’t sue me) keep on holding their presentation to promote their holiday programme where they try to sell their holidays. In case you attend one such presentation they gift you a vacation in their resort for two nights and three days for a couple with two minor kids. It isnt compulsory to buy their holidays either but a gift package will also help you decide your next move ok. So my point is attend one such presentation and avail a gift package. They are not fake nor trouble to avail either. I have taken one for manali myself so go for it and gift your wife a great holiday.Believe me club mahindra is good and a free one – better. of course you have to pay for food.

  1. Pins N Ashes

    Munnar is a beautiful place to take a vacation for a 1-2 days …. The walks in the tea gardens, the sunsets, the sunrises, the lush green – actually the variety of the colour green…. Let me see, I’ve got some pics of my Munnar trip earlier this year…will put it up…

    @Ambi: There are many resorts out there… too many to count. I stayed at a place called Tall Trees, true to its name, the cottages were surrounded by ultra tall trees and it was a haven. Most I loved abt the cottage, they had underground bedrooms courtesy the slopes.


    1. Ambi

      Tall trees… from what I saw, its 8K per day to stay there! Not to sound stingy or anything, that way too much if I am going to stay for 3-4 days.

        1. Ambi

          PNA, as romantic as that may sound, my wife will have my hide if I spent that much only for the room!

          We are actually planning to go somewhere up North… so, let’s see.

  2. chetan

    I have never been to kerala,
    but in future, i’d like to visit there and especially this place,.it is atracting me, for nature there is in the most beautiful form


    Interesting to find this article. I too write about beautiful locations in Kerala and had blogged about Munnar too. The interesting things is that we both have got almost a similar title. I had titled it as “Mesmerizing Munnar”.
    Nice and informative post. A really good site

  4. Munnar Traveler

    The name Munnar is made up of two words – Moonnu (Three) and Aaru(river) referring to three rivers. It’s quite picturesque, especially in monsoon. Looks almost like a fantasy land with picture perfect tea estates.

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