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Ada Paniyaram – Visual recipe

Ada Paniyaram is a traditional sweet delicacy of southern parts of Tamil nadu.


Raw rice: 1 measure

Parboiled rice: 1 measure

Jaggery: As per taste

Moong dal (broken and skinned)

Coconut (grated)

Step 1:

Preparing the batter : Take raw rice and parboiled rice in the ratio of 1:1 and Jaggery as per taste. Do remember that we add jaggery in the filling also. So accordingly take jaggery for the batter.

Step 1

Step 2: Grind raw rice, parboiled rice and Jaggery together to make a batter. (similar to the consistency of dosa batter)

Step 2

 Step 3:

Preparing the filling: Take coconut and moong dal in the ratio of 1:4 ( 4 measure of coconut and one measure of raw moong dal) and shredded jaggery.

Step 3

Step 4: Mix all the three ingredients together.

Step 4

 Step 5: Heat the tawa and grease it with oil. Pour a layer of the batter.

Step 5


Step 6: Spread a portion of the filling on the layer.

Step 6


Step 7: Pour another layer of the batter over the filling. Apply a dash of oil or ghee.

Step 7


Step 8: Turn the side and heat it.

Step 8

Step 9: Delicious Adai Paniyaram is ready to eat!

Ready !

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  1. Shilpa Garg

    Tempting!! Mouth watering!!
    I want to have it NOW!!!! 🙁 (Throwing a fit like a baby!! :D)

    Truly a visual delight and am sure would be heavenly for the tastebuds too!!
    Will try it sometime!!

  2. Arunthathi Ramadhas

    Hari Om.
    Photographs are professional. Even your previous recepies like “sweet idli( era vachcha idli), Ada dosai and conji(chudu kanji) are very well taken. It looks you go for tradional food very much. Happy to see your interest in tradional food which is good for health. Oh! atleast will not be harmful like fastfood.

  3. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Shilpa

    Sure do try it when you get time and do let me know the result too 🙂

    @ AR

    Thanks for the huge compliment! Your comment is motivating !

    @ Abhilash

    Thanks ! No, the moong dal does not tastes raw. Try it.

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