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The “Lover”

1215262_40803649 When Prem was young He was shy.

When He reached his teenage girls avoided Him.

He was heart-broken, until He got married.

After 6 months He was a proud man. He thought he was a damn good ‘lover’…

His wife had not disclosed that she is Asthmatic.

55F written and submitted by Sharat.

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Editor’s note: When Sharat emailed me this story, he called it “the egg of 55 Fiction” obviously for bordering into adult theme. I chose to publish it for the sole reason there still exist husbands who fail to understand the feelings and emotions of women. This story, I feel captures such husbands who make love mechanically and selfishly without giving a thought about what a women feel, think and goes through… Unfortunately, we have couples who are strange to each other still living together.

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  1. Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky

    @ Editor
    How much do we understand each other? Forget couples. If someone understands me, I would be the luckiest person in the world, if I understand him (according to law he is inclusive in she), I would be luckier.

    I am not complaining but that is how we humans are. We believe that we understand a person very well but at some point we wonder about that.

    1. Lakshmi Rajan

      One cannot absolutely understand any person but one can atleast understand the basic likes, dislikea and wants of a person. Unfortunately, many don’t even make an attempt to understand the basic requirements of a person and relation. This goes with not only married couple but with any inter-personal relations.

  2. shankar

    Good one…. its very true..but this happens only if its arranged marriage right…. I mean…couples who are strange to each other still living together… I feel this is the problem with arranged marriage….

    Disclaimer: i am not against arranged marriage or a supporter of love marriage… after reading this I just felt it that way…

    1. Ambi

      I strongly disagree.

      I know an Indian couple who went through a love marriage after dating for more than a year but just 9 days (yep, Nine days) after the marriage, they separated and are now divorced.

      The problem is with the people who are getting married and in not ‘how’ they get married.

  3. mani padma

    Very innovative and quite a sense of humour you have…but err Sharat. both cannot be compared you know! I mean they don’t have any likeness. I am speaking medically

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