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Understanding the concept of God – Part 12 (imprints of sins & its dissolution)

buddha Imprints of sins & its dissolution

You must be knowing by now that all our experiences through our 5 senses get recorded in the energy particles & get stored in the genetic centre. Already stored experiences before one’s birth is called sanchit karma. This karma makes one’s prarabtha karma from the day of birth up till now & the 2 karmas together makes the real personality of a person. This is the ahamya karma which shows one’s future. The purpose of this life is to enjoy & at the same time clear off the karmas. Now, how do we know that we have sin imprints? Disease in one’s body & 3 impurities (ego, sin imprints & maya) in our thoughts show that we have sin imprints.

There is the cause & effect for every action we do. So if we suffer then we are sure to know that we had done a bad deed. Sow good & so shall the reap.

God + 3 impurities = Man

Man – 3 impurities = God

So far what is stored is done without our knowledge. So to avoid further storing, one needs certain awareness in whatever one thinks , speaks & acts. How do we clear off the past karmas? This is through expiation, dissipation & dissolution. Let us see all the three in detail.

Expiation: Whenever one does even a small mistake & if he regrets for it , the first thing he should do is to ask sorry to the concerned person & make him forgive for the wrong thing done. This will not create karmas. For example,  we might shout at a person not knowing the truth of his mistake done & when we come to know it, we feel bad & so to avoid guilty feeling, ask him excuse at once. There are certain people who will not forgive & that has to be ignored.

Dissipation: Do good deeds so that the stored bad karmas doesn’t come out to make our life a miserable one. This can be explained by an example. Normally recorded audio or video cassettes , if it’s recorded with a movie can be over recorded with some good lectures of a master, nice music & so on. What was recorded cannot be seen or heard when played.

Dissolution: This can be done through meditation. The more we go deeply to lower frequencies thoughts get reduced & for a moment we experience thoughtless states. When one gets this experience, many of his karmas are erased. This is again compared to a cassette which in order to make it blank is made to simply “play record” & everything in the cassette is erased , but nothing is recorded. So through meditation many karmas(imprints) are made to dissolve or erased through thoughtless states in meditation. What we need is constant awareness or watchfulness to ourselves instead of unnecessarily watching others.

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  1. mahesh kalaal

    Hi buddy,

    Is not the relevance and validity of rights and wrongs(including sins) change from culture to culture, generation to generation….?
    Do I need to believe in the concept of God and Soul to understand the concept of Karma??
    Does the concept of Karma applicable to all living beings(animals/plants/bacteria/virus etc)??

    Please do not mind for asking….. I am a starter though i studied about karma a bit in anthropology.

    1. Lakshmi Rajan

      It would be better if Radha Chandran, the author of the series answers your questions but still I would like to share my thoughts on your doubts.

      1. Rights and wrongs could be of individual perspective but the author has not stated “what is right” and “what is wrong” but a broader perspective of the subject that could be applicable.

      2. You asked “Do I need to believe in the concept of God and Soul to understand the concept of Karma??” My answer is it depends on what you want to. You have a plate full of various fruits, if you want to eat only apple , you can eat just that. This series of Understanding the concept of God dwelves into various subjects pertaining to inner science.

      3. On your question “Does the concept of Karma applicable to all living beings(animals/plants/bacteria/virus etc)??” I think Radha Chandran has touched this point in one of the previous part.( if am right Part 5 , i think)

      You are free to question. In GingerChai , we believe questions and doubts broaden our knowledge and understanding of the subject.

    2. Ambi

      Regardless of timeline or culture, there seems to be this idea that there is no such thing as right and wrong, and individual convenience defines it. Allowing each one to define what is right or wrong on his/ her own would be letting race cars on a freeway without speed control lanes. But this is a thesis topic in itself for those who do not want to go by established authorities.

      Heard of Newton’s Third Law? Law of reciprocal action? Laws of Karma are similar… in that, the reaction need not be equal nor necessarily be completely opposite. So, No. You don’t have to believe in God or Soul to understand concept of Karma. The Buddhists are already doing it!!

      Karma applies to ‘all’ ‘living’ beings.

      I am sure Radha Chandran will disagree on this point 🙂 (since the concept being put forward here is that only human form of life is accrues or is affected by Karma but there is a great deal of vedic literature that states otherwise.)

    3. Radhachandran

      The definition for sin as to my Guru which is commom to all people all over the world.
      “To the self or to the others in the present or in the future if any thing is done to hurt one’s body, mind & energy then that is considered to be sin”.This is again as long as you are in duality to see it as this is right & that is wrong.
      You needn’t believe God as Jesus, Krishna, Rama & Allah.I’m talking only about “The one & The only Supreme power which is through out this UNiverse.The enlightened ones who are gurus have been worshipped as God.
      I don’t know how without soul you can understand karma.Different masters explain the truth in a different way according to their experience.When you understand the truth rightly all are the same.
      Buddha never mentioned about soul anywhere.To him when asked about God was silent as he couldn’t explain Soonya or space at that time.To him everything was “soonya” or “awareness”
      To Mahavira & most of them talked about soul.

      1. Ambi

        “I’m talking only about “The one & The only Supreme power which is through out this Universe.”

        So, when you talk of the one and only supreme power as God, how do you come to the conclusion that man – 3 qualities = God? And in some places you say Gurus are ‘Gods’. You say Krishna was a human who became God and yet you keep saying one does not need to believe him as God. Seems very inconsistent!

        If you are implying that the trees, animals, birds and such are soul-less, your conclusion is TOTALLY opposite to that of the vedic scriptures. And you don’t have to ‘understand’ karma to be affected by it.

        I just mentioned that Buddhists believe in Karma but do not have any conception of belief in God tied to it.

        “This is again as long as you are in duality to see it as this is right & that is wrong.”

        This is a dangerous philosophical statement you make. A man who is smoking was asked why he is doing it because it harms him and everyone around him. And he said, ‘I am not smoking, the body is smoking’. Only a neophyte follower may ‘wow, superb’ this kinda dangerous philosophical perversion.

        1. Radhachandran

          Krishna is an enlightened man & he should be taken as a guru.One worship him for materialistic welfare.Why not follow & become like himm, an enlightened man?
          If said so, i’ve heard people say,”He is God, we cannot be like him.”Krishna also wanted every one to become enlightened that’s why Geetha came from Him.

          1. Ambi

            RC, I am very sorry, but I don’t think anywhere in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says he wants everyone to become like him. That is just so not true.

          2. Ambi

            Oh and Arjuna would very much disagree with your statement that Krishna was an ‘enlightened man’. See Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, verses 12 and 13.

    1. Radhachandran

      Mani, Unless one does meditation it might be hypothetical.The more your mental frequency gets reduced the more you get the clarity of life.Is it possible without doing any sadhanas?

      1. Ambi

        I will concede at least this: Meditation, in whatever format that is being done now, will help to a certain level in controlling the mind. Sadhanas will help discipline one’s life and give more order in it.

        But that’s about it.

        1. Radhachandran

          If discipline & order alone is enough? YOU are talking about eyamam & neyayum,asana, pranayama from Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga.What about pratyagara, dharana, dhyanam & samadhi?

          1. Ambi

            No, I am not talking anything related to Ashtanga yoga.

            (What are these eyamam and neyayum? I think you are talking of Yama and Niyamas… the do’s and dont’s?)

            I am merely stating that dhyaana yoga, in its proper form, cannot be practiced in these times. So to attach claims of karma reductions based on just meditation is hypothetical.

  2. Albert

    I am amazed at the quality of posts in this site and the author’s clarity of thought and some intense debate that had happened throughout the series. Its heartening to know that people here welcome debates and various view points. This very nature is what lacking in world nowadays.

    Back to topic, What are the sin imprints that is mentioned here? What constitues sin? Sorry to be naive.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Radhachandran

      What makes one do a sin.It is simply because there is the “I”.See the definition for the sin.

      1. Ambi

        The definition for sin as to my Guru which is commom to all people all over the world. “To the self or to the others in the present or in the future if any thing is done to hurt one’s body, mind & energy then that is considered to be sin”.

        This is so very similar to the idea of atheists… just don’t harm yourself or anyone else and you will be alright.

        Our very own distinguished Acharyas of the past defined sin in very clear terms. To summarize,’Any action that goes against the natural laws set forth by God is a sin’.

        What do you make of this?

  3. Ambi

    “The more we go deeply to lower frequencies thoughts get reduced & for a moment we experience thoughtless states. When one gets this experience, many of his karmas are erased.”

    Whoops! Wish it was so simple. Which school of vedic philosophy teaches this?

    When people are in deep sleep, they do not have any thoughts… does Karma get erased then?

    1. Radhachandran

      Ambi, how could you compare deep sleep state & thoughtless state? In d.s.state you are unconscious where as in thoughtless state you are fully conscious & you are awareness itself.
      After you wake up from d.s.state you wake up as active as ever since you gain a lot of fresh energy.Your karma will not be erased.

      1. Ambi

        Instead of the appeal to logic, what would be helpful is that you can provide me references to the basis on which this claim is made.

        Anyone can experience thoughtless states by practice and mercy of one’s Guru… but to claim it erases Karma… that’s a tall claim.

        1. Radhachandran

          Ambi, once again i’ve to say that it’s my guru’s teachings & my experiences in meditation of which i am sharing.There are so many other people too who had experiences.That’s why i’m very clear about what i say.
          If you deny it’s your lack of understanding it rightly.

          1. Ambi

            Simple question: How do you see your karma being erased? what are the symptoms that show your karma is getting erased? Is it all karma or just bad karma…?

            Let’s not get in to opinions on what you think about me or what I think about you.

  4. sharat

    Oh god!…Oh krishna!…oh u enlighten ones! whyyyyyyyyyyy!the argument!has the author said anything wrong!i find it enlighting!what’s the point in crticism. Infact manya times I find ersons taking pride in criticising satsangis and spiritual Gurus…it seems a fashion to do so! my point is that why not take the best of what is offered – not just materialistic things but also the words…we should be grateful to authors like RC for presenting us complex meaning of life in easy understandable manner! Thanks RC…

    1. Ambi


      It also seems a fashion nowadays to be a satsangi or spiritual guru, as well as to claim that spirituality is as one perceives it to be and anything/ everything goes!!

      There are many good things being stated but that doesn’t mean you just ignore the one’s that are not correct.

      What if I say that “yes, the conclusions reached by the author is wrong”, hmmm? Are you going to sit and listen to me as to why I make a statement? I doubt it very much.

      1. Lakshmi Rajan

        @ Sharat

        Arguments helps in diversified opinions and thoughts and enlighten the people who come across it. I don’t think argument itself is wrong but it should be positive arguments.

        The arguments between RC & Ambi falls under positive debate category. It is enriching for readers of the topic. It’s not out of fashion to argue but clash of ideologies and thoughts.

        I really appreciate RC & Ambi for their respect to each other’s thoughts and debating in a constructive manner and providing answers to each other’s arguments.

  5. Radhachandran

    Ambi, How many educated Indians know what is in vedas?Generally all Indians know the greatness & the value of vedas but can anybody give the truth by following & experiencing what is said in it.Since many don’t know they follow enlightened gurus who teaches in a very simple way which seems practical & applicable.
    You have said that Dhyana yoga could not be followed these times, then what is the use of reciting Geetha without bringing change to oneself.
    Your question about knowing how much of karmas i have erased, is from my increase in awareness in different situations i face in life.

    1. Ambi

      I did not ask about how much karma has been erased. How do you know that it has indeed been erased? What are the symptoms? Increased awareness is simply due to a disciplined mind.

      Shastra says bad karma can be erased and good karma gained by prayascitta, sacrifices… and there are so many exacting rituals for it. In NO place does it say that doing meditation would burn away your karma.

      “but can anybody give the truth by following & experiencing what is said in it”

      Why not? There are so many bonafide acharyas who have given so much of material in terms of writings and having their lives as examples. But unfortunately, most of our ‘enlightened’ ones never take the bonafide acharyas as reference.

      “Oh, you don’t need any vedas to realize your self, just look inside you”, “Krishna is God? why Krishna? He was simply an amorous man”, “You are God, you just don’t know it”… “don’t go after teachings of Ramanuja or Sankara or Madhva, just believe me because I am enlightened, you just don’t realize it because you haven’t realized yourself as God”…

      You would not believe how many times I have heard such things. For that matter, how does one even recognize an enlightened Guru?

      “You have said that Dhyana yoga could not be followed these times, then what is the use of reciting Geetha without bringing change to oneself.”

      ‘I’ don’t say it. Even Arjuna says it in the Gita 6:34… ‘cancalam hi manah krsna…”. And what does Krishna say? Check 6:47.

      Come on… frankly,if you do not know what Krishna talks about in Bhagavad Gita, don’t get in to using it to propagate other ideas. If you read through the Gita very carefully, dhyaana yoga is dispensed with, saying it’s only meant for people who can bear extraordinary austerity and also there are very specific conditions that need to be met for carrying out such a practice. What most people do as meditation would pale in front of such description.

      1. Radhachandran

        Discipline mind is a conditional mind & so there is possibility of awareness only to a certain extend.
        Any enlightened master will not say not to follow Ramanuja or Madhva.
        “Aham Brahmasmi” So what is the problem in seeing God within oneself.That is the nearest place.
        Who are those people who can bear extraordinary austerity & what are the specific conditions?
        These a re the reasons that people avoid spiritual path telling this is not meant for simple living people or an ordinary man.

        1. Ambi

          ““Aham Brahmasmi” So what is the problem in seeing God within oneself.That is the nearest place.”

          When you talk of God, you talk about a different entity in some places and about the self in some other places.

          In BG7:19, Krishna says this: “After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare.”

          The key words are “knowing me to be the cause of all causes and all that is”. In sanskrit, its “vasudevah sarvam iti”. But unscrupulous scholars twist this to mean everything is ‘vasudevah’.

          Seeing God within oneself DOES NOT mean that once seen, the one self becomes God! This is the problem I face in many articles and arguments. People stick to this one phrase “aham brahmasmi” and ignore a significant chunk of teachings which explain this idea in several contexts.

          Is there no other spiritual path aside of meditation? Is that your claim? Please read through Bhagavad Gita chapter 6 for the answer to your question on conditions. It’s purely on Dhyaana Yoga. It’s not that hard at all… just 47 verses.

          1. Radhachandran

            Ambi, i don’t want to continue with this argument even though it is a healthier one.People who argue never come to an end.Whatever you have said cannot be denied by some & whatever i have said also cannot be denied. So from whatever we have said if that could help some one to follow spirituality that’s more than enough.
            I didn’t say anywhere that meditation is the only way, definitely not.Since it is made easier i was sharing my point of view.There is the karma ypga& bakthi yoga too.
            To me God is always the supreme formless power.Even when i talk of Krishna it is the same conscious i’m speaking.Whether it be Krishna Conscious, Buddha Conscious, it is all the same. Sure i’ll read Dhyana yoga.

          2. Ambi

            Radha Chandran:

            In a court of law, two lawyers can put forth their views and freely debate the contexts and contents of the case. When one lawyer exits the case just saying the other one is arguing much… what can the other one do?

            I leave it to the readers to judge if I am guilty of mindless argument.

            When one propagates a philosophy, one must be able to substantiate with adequate basis for drawing significant conclusions. Taking refuge behind personal experience and saying, ‘Oh, you need to experience it yourself’ does not help anyone.

            While it would be good if someone will be compelled to follow a spiritual path through these articles and comments, it is also very important that we do not mislead them on to a path which has a very vague, much stereotyped end.

            If your conclusion is based on sound philosophy, I would have readily accepted it. Because I see that it is based on seemingly sentimental attachment to a set of practices and people, I took the stand that your conclusions are indeed wrong.

            I have given sufficient references and put forth counter arguments to your philosophical tenets but what I have received in response are statements about my lack of understanding and arguing mentality… right from the first article. Even after all this time, if you still say “To me, this is what it is”, what can I do? I just have to take it that it is supposed to happen this way.

            Since you wish it so, I will not post any comments on your posts (on this topic, I mean) anymore.

  6. Ambi

    Hey LR, I just noticed something… Lol… someone has taken a fancy to me. This is so cool. 😉

    I need an award. 🙂

    Make out the text on the award as

    “The most disliked commentator on GingerChai”.

  7. sharat

    @ LR, healthy debate? it seems to be argument for one-upmanship and endless. Again agree with what RC is essentially stating…I am ‘supposed’ to be educated! I believe in God! Its not fashion though for me, Hi Ambi please be clear, its matter of faith and inheritance I got ! I understand Vedas, I know what Geeta is ! I may understand what Karma is ! but my knowledge on these is just superficial. What RC has done thru’ her series of writings is to ignite the ‘need’ to have better understanding.Their is no question of right or wrong every thing is right, if you want to believe and everything can be contradicted if you wish so. Ambi may have put her point but is dragging on the issue to nowhere…if He/she is so understanding of spirituality than it should be written seperately. I am sure LR would provide you space for it !

    1. Ambi

      I thought I will not respond to any more posts, but anyway..

      “I understand Vedas, I know what Geeta is!”

      “Their is no question of right or wrong every thing is right, if you want to believe and everything can be contradicted if you wish so.”

      Seems like you are correct in your second statement. Your two statements ARE contradictory.

      1. Ambi

        Again, if you say your knowledge on these matters is just superficial, what makes you think you are in any position as to judge our (mine as well as RC’s) level of understanding?

        Emotional rants do not add value.

        1. sharat

          ha…i am in no position to judge two intellectuals ….and that is also not my desire…and i write what i mean, my knowledge of vedas, religion, geeta, christianity, budhism is only superficial. I am a mortal man…and dont want to pretend my spiritual learnings… and i truly have now started believing that u are in terrible need of some Guru or a healer…as u’r obsession(may be its a hard word)or u’r superiority complex is driving u to insane level of instability and making u turn to insignificant arguments.
          @RC, please help the ‘over-learned’ soul…

          1. Ambi

            Personal attacks is something I don’t get in to. If you want to stoop that low, please feel free. I have faced much worse.

            And thank you, but I already have found my sampradaya and it is by their mercy that I am able to at least talk this much on spirituality.

  8. sharat

    @ Ambi, personal attack…my regret if u think so…i really dont mean to hurt anybody…i value u’r points and notion…
    a small parting shot to end my rantings – ♫ EYES express the real feelings better than words, TOUCH shows the care than any words do! But WORDS when used properly can catch the EYES and TOUCH the heart…

    1. Ambi

      I don’t think anyone who reads your previous comment would say that it is NOT a personal attack.

      I did not take any offense, since I am used to such things. If the regret is genuine, your karma will adjust itself. 🙂

      Spirituality is about using both the head as well as the heart.

      1. sharat

        @ Ambi, as u sow so shall u reap…that’s the ultimate truth of life…
        ghar se maszid hai bahut doooooor, chalo kuch yun kar lein….kisi rote hue bachche ko hansaya jaaye….that is the spirituality for ME and i dont have grandiose words to present it…as I said I am a mortal person and bound to make mistakes…

        1. Ambi

          I am sorry, I don’t understand Hindi much.

          As you sow, so shall you reap is… that is karma, not the ultimate truth.

          But then again… whatever floats your boat! *shrug*

          1. sharat

            peace…shanti…..omshanti……take deep breath…throw out negativity……understand fellow-beings…love all….prey for world’s betterment……pray for peace……..cooolllll…….

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