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Be a nice kid and do your homework

paper_clips_erasures_003 I am 25. I wait with bated breath, tension gripping me. For the last three years, there have been tense moments like this at least 3 times a week… No, I am not on weed!!! What I am talking about is something really ubiquitous for anyone who went to school. Homework assignments!

The tension that grips me is the over-burgeoning tomes of homework assignments that I am handed to do in a week. Over three years from a novice at minutiae such as vectors and basic math I have metamorphosed into juggling multivariable calculus on one hand and looking up steam tables to figure out when the refrigeration unit in the corner would blow up in my face while trying real hard to solve some really ambiguous, god-forsaken non-linear evolution equation in my spare time like my life depended on it!!!

There was a time when I had a lot of homework — I was in primary school. Then there was the time in secondary school and during the heady undergraduate days when life was carefree sans homework. Flitting we were like butterflies on a mild summer’s day! And now this!!!! Homework like never before and quizzes … and surprise tests… and mid-terms… and final exams… and more homework… and take-home exams… and did I mention more homework??

I thought I had seen the end of it when I turned post-graduate. But I was SO wrong!! Now I have more courses to take. More homework to do. More exams to deal with. Not to mention, more homework! Of course, I am now dealing with real world problems… But I still have homework!

It’s not that I hate homework. (I hate the type of homework that is due on the same day as an examination or maybe two examinations!) But I am not a big fan of homework or examinations! But what I have learned is that academics are the best thing to happen to me. Yes, I’ve tried the ‘other’ life — the one where you have a job and work a 9-5 shift and take home a decent pay. I didn’t like the ‘other’ life. It was too a routine. Mundane even. Although I didn’t have homework!

I’ve realized that what gets me high is the sense of academic anticipation!!! I know I have at least 25 years more of academic thirst left in me to learn everything there is to learn and so should you, given an opportunity!!!… And also probably smoke some pot…. Just kidding about the pot!!!!

So I’d like to leave this meandering post with what Emo Phillips said "You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older."

As for all the references that I made to weed I’ll only say: " Don’t buy Drugs…….. Become a rock star and they give you them for free….!!" (Bill Nighy, 2005). Nice segway, eh?

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  1. Ambi

    Tell me about it… the very first homework assignment I got from my professor on Probability Theory made me go ‘whoa!’.

    We are so accustomed to doing homework in India (without any work for your brain) that we are made to expect the same kind of drone work when doing the Master’s or Ph.D courses.

    Unfortunately my dear friend, you cannot go on doing Ph.Ds and earn a living! 🙂 Oh, let me correct that… you can go on doing Ph.Ds and earn a living, but only until you get married 😉 !

    Btw, you last 3 paras seem kinda cut off from the main topic.

  2. mani padma

    Sort of “I have come to bury Caeser, not to praise him…”. And whats with the weed ? Quite a number of allusions?
    @ Ambi ! Once you get married , you will stop doing Ph.Ds or stop living? 🙂

  3. Ambi

    @Mani Padma:

    Damn, I would have thought the answer would have been obvious!! I am not Kamal Hassan, you know to make dumb statements like “Marriages don’t work. So, no need to have marriages.”. WTF was he thinking?

    So… you start living and forget the Ph.D.

      1. Ambi

        We all started there, buddy… 🙂

        *gentle pat on the back*

        When the right girl comes at the right time, your Ph.Ds will be as important as water to a drowning man. Lol!

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