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Understanding the Concept of God – Part 11 ( Moralization of the 6 bad qualities )

6 qualities The 6 major bad qualities are strong desire (passion), anger, miserliness, immoral sexual passion, vanity & vengeance. All these qualities arise only when one is in beta level, as normally everybody will be in this level due to their constant thinking of some matters or problems that come across their life. The level swings from beta to alpha according to our thoughts & emotions. So it is in our hands to see that we don’t go beyond a certain level. (To know further about various levels read part 7)

The six qualities, if we are aware of , can be changed into 6 good qualities & they are satisfaction, patience, charity, chastity, equality & forgiveness. If one is satisfied in life with what they have, they will not feel jealous with others, out of greediness for more money & many unwanted happenings can be avoided. That doesn’t mean one should not have ambitions. Once you achieve or earn a lot of money, one should not go on for more money or increasing their properties. Until one knows about himself he will not have satisfaction in life. His expansion goes in hoarding money, increasing knowledge & gathering more & more properties. Once he knows his true self, outward requirements becomes little. Then satisfaction comes in life all the other good qualities comes automatically & we know the way to lead a peaceful & enjoyable life.

Strong desire changes into satisfaction.

Anger into patience.

Miserliness into charity.

Immoral sexual passion into Chastity.

Vanity into equality.

Vengeance into Forgiveness.

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  1. Radhachandran

    Thanks Ambi, & it was just that i was busy preparing sweets & snacks & my cousins were around & i thought of having a gap for sometime.

  2. Ambi

    “Once you achieve or earn a lot of money, one should not go on for more money or increasing their properties.”

    It is odd that you have stated a problem as a solution. No one knows what is ‘a lot of money’ and say ‘enough’.

    It is interesting to see what the Bhagavad Gita says on this very issue. The entire chapter 16 delves on this topic.

    1. Radhachandran

      Aneet, i have to explain this from my personal experience.From 1993 I had to face a lot of miseries & in spite of it i was very regular in my sadhanas which helped me in keeping my mind rather calm.I knew that whatever happened was due to my karma.I had great difficulty in trying to solve the problems i faced. I was through all sources to solve my problems, which i thought was useless later.

      one of my master in my yoga class said that vaastu in my house was not good & that ihave to close the toilet as it was in the north western side where there should be a pooja room. Financially we weren’t sound & so i remember telling that master, that i would rather face the difficulties instead of spending money on my house.
      After 1 or 2 yrs i was forced to come out of that house & had to be with my parents. Very soon i inherited a land from my dad & we built a new house selling the old one.This was a very unexpected happening.I built that house with vastu guidance & i still had problems.In due course the problems were reduced & now things are going quite smoothly.

      The conclusion i came to was, that problems comes & goes in everybody’s life & if you have the courage to face it, nature will definetely help you to come out of it by some means.If one tries for some remedies to get rid of the problem it might help to some only when the right time comes if not vastu or fengsui wouldn’t help. I have seen people still have sufferings in spite of their house built by vaastu & i ‘ve seen people happy without all these.
      The only courage that gave me was my spirituality, which helped me to keep my mind rather calm to think & act rightly to situations.
      When one is in the path of spirituality he should not think about a solution for a problem, instead courage to face it, as all the problems will fade away & a new one might crop up according to their karma.It is just a cycle.

      1. Ambi

        No offense to anyone, but this whole Vaastu thing is being overdone. We do have something called Shilpa Sastra, which describes architectural concepts and principles… but I am not an expert on it.

        Where the hell do these experts get ideas of painting houses bright fluorescent orange, green and blue? One thing I can say is people who live in vaastu compliant homes also have the same problem as I do. So what difference does it make, apart from being a psychological placebo? Sames goes for numerology and numerous ‘ologies’ around.

        Feng Shui… now that is one thing I have no idea about. So, no comments.

  3. mani padma

    The word passion is a bit equivocal. To be successful and hence attain satisfaction, man needs to be driven with passion…in whatever they hope to achieve or attain. Be it carer, politics. charity , religion.So..I think passion cannot be writen off completely.

  4. Ambi

    @Mani Padma:

    The passion that you talk about is the root cause of much of the misery that everyone faces these days.

    I would have thought it was self-explanatory.

  5. mani padma

    Yes! I agree with you …but upto an extent. What if it is a passion driven good work. Like Mother teressa? Kalidasa? lets look closer home. 🙂 Like for example you? From all the exchanges I have seen between you and Radhachandran, both are driven by passion towards spirituality which I consider is amazing and admirable. I can never connect you and Radha chandran as a cause of Misery. :-)No offense meant!

    1. Ambi

      @Mani Padma:

      No offense taken, because part of what you say is true. I am a source of misery, by my very existence, for millions of living entities.

      I did not mean passion in itself was wrong but only that, when wrongly applied towards the wrong things, knowingly or unknowingly, it IS the reason why so many things go wrong in this world.

      I am also convinced that what goes on in the name of religion and charity is basically spoiling this society spiritually. So being passionate about these two these days may help gain some person some fame around the place, but it would hardly be of any spiritual benefit to anyone.

  6. Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Ambi,

    Yes , In the name of Vaastu , people are taken for granted and a whole lot of tamasha happening. The heights of Vaastu madness , I witnessed today. There was a vegetable vendor in the street and a lady buying veggies. . After buying her ration of vegetables, she asked the vendor to weigh one lady finger separately and added that she was asked to eat one Lady finger of particular weight according to Vaastu !!!!!! *Holy cow !* 😮

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