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Sunshine – Review

sunshine movie poster Cast: Cliff Curtis (of Die Hard 4 fame), Cillian Murphy (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight fame), Rose Byrne (of 28 weeks later, Damages fame), Chris Evans (of Fantastic Four fame), Mark Strong (of RocknRolla fame), Michelle Yeoh (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame)

Director: Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire fame)

Release date: July 2007 (USA)

Running time: 107 minutes (R)

The sun is dying. Icarus 1, a space ship is sent with *nuclear* bomb to reignite it. However, Icarus 1, commanded by a Pinbacker (Mark Strong), doesn’t make it to the sun for unknown reasons. The crew is presumed dead.

Seven years later, Icarus 2 is sent in the wake of Icarus 1 to do what latter couldn’t — reignite the sun.

What the crew of Icarus 2 don’t expect is to actually bump into Icarus 1 when they are close to the sun, in the orbit of the planet Mercury.

What they don’t expect is that they would need to board Icarus 1 to salvage Icarus 1’s *nuclear* bomb and oxygen as a result of their oxygen being depleted due to an accident on board.

What the crew of Icarus 2 don’t expect is to find the whole crew of Icarus 1 having committed suicide by deliberate exposure to lethal levels of sunlight.

What they also don’t realize is that this was probably perpetrated by Pinbacker who is very much alive but driven to insanity due to prolonged loneliness.

But most of all, what they don’t expect is that Pinbacker doesn’t want to allow anyone to reignite the sun as he insanely believes that "For seven years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to Heaven."

Without going into complete details as it is a complex film that needs one or two viewings to fully appreciate the various emotions that people would feel if quite literally the weight of the whole earth was on their shoulders.

Eight people to save a couple of billion. The hard decisions they need to make such as euthanasia for the sake of conserving oxygen to get to the sun and detonate their *nuclear* payload, Being faced with a relentless and murderous Pinbacker who as a result of his insanity believes that he is the chosen one to do "god’s" bidding of disallowing anyone to mess with the natural progression of things, knowing that even if they did "restart" the sun they wouldn’t be coming back home.

I would highly recommend this movie to everyone who qualifies and is eligible to watch an R rated film. Rated R on account of the controversial nature of the subject, references to god in an ungodly sense at times, situations of suicide and euthanasia and just general edge-of-your-seat-but-claustrophobic-dark environs!

The most chilling passage of the movie is marked by a conversation between Cillian Murphy and the Icarus 2’s computer which is referred to simply as "Icarus":

"….Trey is dead. There are only four crew members; Cassie, Mace, Corazon and me."
               " Negative. Five crew members."
"Icarus (computer)… who is the fifth crew member? "
                " Unknown."

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  1. mani padma

    Very riveting story. I wish you had revealed the complete plot in details cos the story is quite interesting. And I wanted to know in detail ….cos I won’t be watching it. Can’t sleep at night if I see such movies. (no need to laugh).By the way, have you seen the movie “stay”?

    1. Aneet

      No, I haven’t seen “Stay”.

      The reason there is just enough detail is long winded posts can be tedious to read at times! At least I thinks so. 😛

      1. mani padma

        Then How about a seperate blog like your soccer blog for detailed movie reviews.
        I mentioned Stay becos you are so much into Psycho thrillers. And it was a totally different concept with just three or four movies made in this concept.I would like to know what you think the movie was about because different people had different inferences of it.(hope you don’t mind long winded comments)

        1. Aneet

          Welllll for one I watch more soccer than I watch movies! So it makes sense for me to have a soccer blog as against a blog dedicated to movie reviews. I also read more books than I watch movies but books are tougher to review than movies, what with them taking me up to 15 days to complete at times!

          1. mani padma

            Wry humour or dry humour? Hey. If you can then watch Stay. Its a challenge. I bet you won’t be able to interprate it at a view. And no peeking the reviews.I just hope Rajan doesn’t kick us out for using the comment section for chit chat.

  2. Aneet

    Well, I’ve just put “Stay” on my netflix queue and will watch it whence it gets here! I don’t think we are chit-chatting! I think this is an extremely intellectually invigorating conversation that in my opinion should be published in journals that belong in the highest upper echelons!

  3. Ashwin Baindur

    I haven’t seen Sunshine as yet but you just convinced me! For another complex movie with a “sun” theme, I recommend “Solaris”. Its about love, hate, complex choices and cloning.

    The coming across abandoned space vehicle is a common motif in Space Fiction. Just loved the “Aliens” version of it. For a plain and simple horror version of abandoned ship, try “Event Horizon”. For a fantastic account of encountering an unkown Alien ship, Arthur C. Clarke’s “Rendezvous with Rama” s unbeatable.

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