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Blue – Review

Blue movie Direction: Anthony D’Souza

Produced by: Dhilin Mehta

Written by: Joshua Lurie, Bryan M. Sullivan

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta, ,Rahul Dev

Music: A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: Laxman Utekar

Blue is an action film shot in exotic locale. For a refreshing change , the movie is without the usual masalas of Bollywood movies but yes it still has couple of songs. Beneath the shark infested blue waters of Bahaman seas lies a shipwreck containing a massive treasure-trove. Sanjay Dutt is a seaman and a professional sea diver who knows the inside out of the Bahaman sea like the back of his palms. He knows where the shipwreck is but for some reason refuses to acknowledge it nor discuss about it. Lara Dutta is his wife. Akshay Kumar, a rich adventurous guy comes across as Sanjay Dutt’s friend. Whenever, he talks about the shipwreck, Sanjay avoids the topic. Zayed khan is Sanjay’s brother who left Bahamas five years back. Zayed rubs into a mafia, played by Rahul Dev. Being chased by Rahul Dev, He returns to his brother in Bahamas. Rahul Dev chases him there too and kidnaps Lara dutta and demands 50 million dollars that he claims to have lost due to Zayed. Akshay prods Sanjay Dutt that the only way to save Lara dutta and Zayed is by recovering the treasure from the underwater and settling the amount with Rahul dev. So they set sail and dives underwater and finds the treasure. In typical cinematic style, Rahul Dev arrives at the scene with his men. Fight ensues underwater. In climax comes a revelation that it is all part of a plot set up the grandson of the captain of the ship (lady in the blue) whose shipwreck lies underneath. Who is the grandson? I am not going to tell you but of course its one of the lead character. It’s easy to guess I assume, if not check out in theatre.

The movie has a different look and feel for a Bollywood movie. Literally blue, refreshing and cool in look. Akshay Kumar is HOT. He looks a real hunk with an appealing styling. Being a guy (not a gay), even I could not stop being impressed by him. After the critically and publically declaimed Kambakht Ishq, he has got his act back in this movie. The other cast does the part neatly. Katrina Kaif does a guest appearance and Kylie Minogue shakes her leg in the “chiggy wiggy” song.

What is more impressive other than the looks of Akshay in the movie is the location. This is one of the best Bollywood movie to capture the foreign location. The underwater world is again a first of kind for Bollywood movie that has been captured brilliantly. The movie overall has a very peppy and refreshing look but lacks the important ingredients of the movie of this kind of genre i.e. the pace and thrill. The underwater action scenes are a big letdown. Agreed, the movements are restricted when it comes to underwater but it should not be an excuse for creating an interesting, dramatic actions. Cinematography by Laxman Utekar is crisp and brilliant. “chiggy wiggy” song is foot tapping and the duet between Sanjay and Lara is unwanted. A R Rahman’s background score is good but could have been better.

Ginger Verdict: A refreshing change from the usual bollywood plot. The movie is supposed to be a thriller but it lacks it, could have been little more crispier but nevertheless a movie you can watch especially for the cinematography and look and feel of the movie and ya , Akshay too.

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