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Jaisalmer – The Land of Sun and Sand

smiley Hi friends! I am back again with another Jewel in the Crown called India and it is Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.


Location: Situated in Western Rajasthan, in the Thar Desert. well connected by National Highway 15, railways and airways (nearest is in Jodhpur300km away) reaching Jaisalmer is a piece of cake and if you plan to fly in yourself then the coordinates are 69.3 to 72.2 degrees E and 26.01 to 28.02 degree north. But travelling there is usually recommended in the winters for obvious reasons .


It’s a major tourist attraction and cultural hub of India.

A city of old world charm and a glorious past, it was founded by Raja Rawa Jaisal, A bhatti Rajput ruler.

Here I will try to show case the charm and the stark beauty of Jaisalmer with a few pictures (through my eyes). But Of course- Jaisalmer is much more than these and is just a photographic representation

Jaisalmer - the land of sun and sand

Icon7 The yellow Sandstone Buildings welcome you the moment you step down in Jaisalmer


Icon8 JAISALMER-City about Forts

Jaisalmer - city of forts

Icon7 JAISALMER- of Havelis…

Jaisalmer - havelis

Icon8 A fusion of old and new- HERITAGE HOTEL…

Heritage hotel

Icon7 Sonar Quila Or The Golden Fort – The heart of Jaisalmer. The old city is inside the Fort

The Golden Fort in Jaisalmer

Icon8 The view outside the fort…

View from the Golden Fort

Icon7 and the grandeur within …

Inside the golden fort

Shahi sawari Shahi sawari





Of Bygone Days- Shahi Sawari







Icon8 People who are still attached to their roots. Old world charm and Mystique…

Old world charm...

Icon7 Of valor and heroism…

Weapons of by gnone era

Guns of those days...






Icon8 Of  architecture…



Havelis and Forts





Icon7 Crafts and antiquities…

Crafts and antiquties for sale

Icon8 Talaabs and lakes… Famous of which is the Gadisagar lake…

Gadisagar lake

Icon7 Road to perdition  – Oops ! I mean the sand dunes…

Drive to sand dunes

Icon8 Base camp in the dunes-“Sam Dunes”sam dunes

Icon7 A perfect blend of green and golden…

Desert scene

Icon8 A settlement near the Dunes…

Settlement near dunes

Icon7 Camel rides and Desert safari… On top of the world experience…

desert safari

Icon8 Many hues of a sunset- A beautiful phenomenon…

Sunset canvas

Icon5 Accommodation is not a problem as you will be spoilt with choices to stay in luxury tents or cottages. And packages don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Just Haggle!

You will be treated as nothing les than a Royal with culinary treat and cultural treat…

Don’t go by its size and shape of the ethnic cottages, they have all the modern amenities. At nights their music and dance will make you dance…


Icon7 The games that the sun play !




Sunset and Sunrise




Icon8 A final glance at the seemingly never ending desert! You will wish that your holiday was never ending too!


smiley See you soon with another photo speaks of a travel diary !

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  1. Abhilash

    This is superb…

    I have heard about Jaiselmer from my neighbors. They are native to jiselmer and often visit there. You have pictured Jaiselmer well.

    It would have even better if you could have explained each place seperately detailing the unknowns. But still it is a nice effort and great pictures.

  2. mani padma

    Thanks and I am glad you all liked it. Will be happier if you visit it one day.
    @ Abhilash. Thanks for the feedback.I will try to work on it. Will discuss the technicalities with Rajan. Keep visiting and providing your feedback. It really helps you know.

  3. Vinay

    Wonderful imposing city well captured.

    I checked your other picture speaks too. Sorry for being lazy to comment in the individual posts usually I don’t have the habit of commenting anywhere. Call this an impulsive aberation.

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