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Understanding the concept of God – Part 10 (Eradication of worries)


Worries should be completely eradicated as it slowly kills you. It is a slow poison. When we have lots of expectations & desires in life & if they are not fulfilled, first it turns out as disappointment & when we keep on thinking about the same thoughts, it gets stagnated & turns into a physical disease & mental worry. There will be an imbalance in the energy level because of the thoughts. The chewing of the same thoughts which affects you , will avoid the flow of fresh energies & the body becomes too weak to be active even to do the daily routines. We won’t feel hungry & slowly the body becomes diseased.

There are many kinds of problems that we come across.

Problems that can be inborn: For example child born with deformity. One can’t do anything other than accepting it.

Problems that could be ignored: For example nagging from elderly people. Just ignore them.

Problems to be kept in abeyance , knowing the fact that they will be solved by the society or by the law of nature in due course: Under this category comes most of the problems. These problems cannot be solved by an individual effort but by nature & community when the time comes. One simple example is marriage of a girl being delayed. Only time will answer or solve to certain problems & we have to wait patiently instead of brooding over the matter.

Problems that could be solved immediately: For example buying loan & decision to take at the time of operation. Decisions should be taken at once as the conditions should not worsen by delaying.

If one can keep the mind calm always , then any problem could be solved effectively before it turns out into a worry. If the mind is well balanced you can understand the circumstances, accept the situation & then face the reality without hurting your body & the mind. So, for everything, whether it be desires, anger or worries, the best solution is meditation & introspection.

I would like to conclude this chapter explaining about how I eradicated my worry of not having a child. Actually my spiritual journey started before this problem taking shape into a worry. I had an expectation that I might get a child because of my interest in spirituality & practicing the sadhanas regularly. The more I went deep in spirituality, I felt that to be without a child is not at all a big issue to be worried. I knew that the purpose of life is not to give birth to children alone but to put an end to ones karma & get back to the original place from where the conscious started its journey.

If I had taken this as a life long worry, then I wouldn’t have progressed in spirituality & I would be physically & mentally diseased. I totally understood this & I accepted my situation & I faced it rather happily. Also I always enjoy with my relatives’ & friends ‘ children thinking they are my own & I experienced “detached attachment”. I would be very attached to them but at the same time detached, so that I don’t worry later about their not being with me always.

I enjoy myself with my cooking, reading spiritual books, watching programmes in TV spending time surfing the net , visiting friends & relatives & I never feel bored. All the while I keep watching myself so that my harmony within me is not at all disturbed. If I get disturbed I at once introspect & get rid of any unwanted thoughts.

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  1. Darren

    This series amazes me. Other day, I had a chance to talk with a brother from Hare Rama movement. Though, ideologically his views and the views of this author is different, I liked both. When put together both the concepts of God gives a wonderful revealation.

    Looking forward to more from you. You are doing a wonderful work.

  2. Ambi

    I was expecting the ‘secret to be happy every moment’.

    My teacher was giving a lecture on how happiness and the lack of it are like seasons… coming and going.

    A lady, with her husband sitting nearby, didn’t agree.

    Lady: *forcefully* I was happy, am happy and will be happy hereafter’.
    Teacher: Are you sure?
    Lady: Yes! How dare you question me? I will be happy, always!
    Teacher: Are you very sure?
    Lady: *angry* YES!
    Teacher: Will you be happy when your husband dies?
    Lady: *open mouthed, fumbling for a response… then quietly sits down*

    Watching TV, surfing the net etc. come under the category of means of keeping oneself happy nowadays…? I am yet to see one person who doesn’t get agitated when doing either of the above activities.

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