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Quarterly Newsletter Oct’ 09

Last week GingerChai completed 3 months. We have made baby steps but in a quiet remarkable way.

The journey so far has been very interesting and has been a wonderful experience. Exactly on June 27th, Coffee became Chai literally. What was earlier a one man’s blog “Xpress Coffee” gave way to GingerChai. It opened up a new wave of thoughts, interactions, contributions and readers. From a one man journey, it became a collaborative effort of different, diversified authors and contributors.

New categories, new discussions, new contents hallmarked the journey so far of our site. From great short stories to blogging tips and food recipes, intense spiritual discussions to book and movie reviews and addition of new categories like photo speaks and visual recipes, we have made a good step ahead.

I would like to thank each and everyone part of the journey so far. One thing that I enjoy with all this writing, editing, publishing is the bond we create along with new people from different part of the country and world – be it authors or readers who take time to comment.

Mani Padma – She considers GingerChai as her own baby. She constantly comes up with ideas, suggestions to bring a new dynamism to our site. She started with book reviews but later charmed us with her wonderful short stories. The new category “Photo Speaks” is her idea and we have one more of her thoughtful category coming soon this quarter. I am sure, the new category she has come up with shall bring new dimension to our site. Thanks Mani, its wonderful interacting with you and reading you and thanks for sharing your time in spite of your hectic professional schedule.

Radha Chandran – One category that has seen lots of interactions and discussion is “Soul Curry” and the reason is her series “Understanding the concept of God”. People may agree or disagree to her presentation of God but one cannot deny the fact it makes you think, analyze and ponder upon the concept of God. That I would say, is the success of an writer. Right from the origin of self to five senses to understanding introspection, thoughts and desire and neutralization of anger her topics are packed with wisdom and takes you to a journey of a spiritual self-discovery. Thanks Radha Chandran for your wonderful contributions.

Sir Pumpkin Longshanks – He showed his varied interest in writing, surprised me with his latest visual recipe, made his maiden attempt on 55 fiction. Thanks Aneet for being part of GingerChai.

Chetan Maheshwari, DS: Their review of books on different genre brings us in touch with good books. Books make man they say and I would add Good book reviews guides to us to becoming one in a short spell. Thanks guys, for exposing us to good books.

Divya Sharma: Last but not least, my huge thanks go to my better half. Though of late, she claims to be down with writer’s block. Her presence behind the scenes and the support she gives is what drives me to bring up GingerChai. Without her, I would not be sipping and developing this site. Thanks a ton, dear!

How could I forget Ratheesh – My friend, who designed the header logo of the site. Thanks pal.

A BIG THANKS is bestowed on our readers – Readers who silently visit our site and those who encourage further by leaving their comments. Each comment of yours means a lot. It drives us to do more, write more and extra boost and motivation to take our site to further heights. Thanks to each and every one of you, who read, wrote comments and visits our site. Love you all.

Now what you can look forward in coming weeks and months? We would be covering more on the current affairs along with our regular existing categories. We shall handle them with our own take and satire on it. We are working on some new categories that I am sure, you will all love to read. I would not go very specific into the details but then I promise some interesting flavors in coming months.

Take care all.

Drink Ginger Chai, Read GingerChai.

– Lakshmi Rajan

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He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. chetan

    I must say Gingerchai is going at its best,
    and it’s a surprise to me that it’s 3 month old baby, i was thinking of it as an adult one
    congrats once again

  2. shankar

    Thats a great work…. From blog to website… Really a great work… as chetan said no one would believe it as a 3 months baby… good work..kudos to your team…. all the best for the future of ginger chai..

  3. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan


    Thnaks mates !!!! 🙂


    Even though few days back , I noticed 200th post is round the corner, when I wrote this post , i did not realize its the 200th one. Feels great ! 🙂

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