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Understanding the concept of God – Part 9 (Neutralization of Anger)


Anger is an emotion, where a large part of your energy is being wasted from your body. You tremble, face becomes red, gives a lot of pressure to your body, your heart beats fast, your energy whirls very fast & it converts into enormous amount of magnetic waves & goes out of the body . The result is -your body becomes very weak.

What happens to the thought waves which are magnetic waves sent out at the time when you express anger? For this you have to know about “The theory of Waves”. Any wave will first clash with another wave, which comes from the person with whom you are angry, then it reflects, refracts, interpenetrate & interact with the other wave which it comes in contact . The thought waves that one sends first affects his body & then the waves reflects on the person & the refracted waves goes to the persons with the same frequency thoughts & affects them. The waves goes within the person (interpenetrates) & there will be a wave which will always be interacting between the two persons.

Anger rises within a person & chemical reaction takes place in the body. It affects the internal organs like the heart, pancreas & due to it diseases connected to those organs can be diagnosed. So the root cause of diseases are tension & anger & worry. Normally we get angry with persons in close circles, mostly with family members.. Anger doesn’t stop with one person alone, it continues with persons & form a chain. e.g.

When a person gets angry at home with his wife & goes to the work place, it will continue there & he will show it to his staff & he in return will go to his house & shouts at his wife & the wife shows it to her child. Thus the waves affect so many persons. It gets linked with so many persons & we cannot blame anybody.

A person who becomes a terrorist is not to be blamed as so many thought waves which express violence in some form induces the person who is sensitive to such waves & makes him a terrorist. In the same way a person who commits suicide also is induced to such depressed waves & in a fraction of a second he commits suicide. Since we are all linked together not only through thought waves but with energy & conscious, the reason for certain bad happenings none is to be blamed. That’s why we are asked to think good always.

Waves move fast & affect the whole world. Now, find out how each one of us are the cause for things happening around us. Can any particular person be blamed after knowing this fact? So each one of us should take the responsibility for whatever is happening around & change ourselves to become a better human being & change this world into a better living place. Thought pollution is worse than the air pollution.

The only way to have a nice relationship with any person is to bless the person. Bless them when you are peaceful, that will have a good effect & slowly you will have a harmonious relationship with the person. If you practice meditation, bless them after the meditation.

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  1. Ambi

    “A person who becomes a terrorist is not to be blamed as so many thought waves which express violence in some form induces the person who is sensitive to such waves & makes him a terrorist.”

    The way you put it, seems like there is no role for free will at all.

    1. Lakshmi Rajan

      There is a saying no one is born good or born devil .. its the situation,circumstances and the society that moulds a person.

      Still on that logic , not everyone is moulded alike by the same situation or society , people do react in a different ways to a particular set of environment. why ?

      It could be how one receives the various waves he is exposed to and that mixes with his own waves and how it programmes his thoughts and action … so how the external waves mixes with his own wave could determine the individual’s action..

      just my opinion that I infered reading this article ..

      1. Ambi

        I have been following this series from the time it started and what I see is that it projects a very mechanistic interpretation, or realization, of life and associated phenomena.

        In context of this topic: It looks like an individual has no control over what is the outcome, because his/ her thoughts and actions are being ‘programmed’. That is something which doesn’t make sense to me.

        Going by this logic, then no terrorist should be punished because that person was simply ‘influenced’ by the global waves of though pollution?!

        Why does anyone get angry in the first place? That is not explained in the article.

        1. Aneet

          Why do you get angry? I get angry because I get incited very easily. Perhaps, it has something to do with my “resonant frequency” as far as anger “waves” go!

          I think all of us can be reduced to wave equations if we need to study this further. However, such wave equations would be very complicated I am sure! Just thinking of the reference coordinate system makes me shudder!!!!

          1. Ambi


            There was this astronomer who claimed some 20 years ago that he hopes to define the universe as an equation that can be worn on a T-shirt. Now we know better, don’t we?

            You just reinforced my statement about the mechanistic view being proposed in here.

        2. Radhachandran

          Yes Ambi, we are programmed by our karma.It is our karma that decides in which family you have to take birth.We have no choice in this.In so many happenings,we make decisions & when things go in a wrong way we say, it’s my fate.
          I’ve already written in one of the posts that the force & conscious doesn’t function simultaneously.When conscious is latent, the force will be patent & when force is latent, conscious will be patent.You be in the driver’s seat & not let karma drives you.

          According to each one’s karma, one is born with a certain frequency & when outside situations stimulate your life force, you tend to become angry.Your life force spins fast & the outcome is anger.

          1. Aneet

            By the sound of it, this topic isn’t meant for a lot of people. It is a fact that everything can be reduced to an equation, we just haven’t gotten far enough with “ourselves”.

          2. Ambi

            I give up. Simply too much of spinning, force and fields for this to be anything remotely close to spirituality, to lead to understanding about God.

      1. Radhachandran

        You are gross when you are body conscious .You are subtler when you are energy conscious.

    2. Radhachandran

      Ambi, as long as we are in the hands of karma we have no will, we “think” it is our free will but it’s not so.Any decisions taken in a peaceful state can be your conscious will, but taken in a hurry burry, your karma takes the domination.

  2. chetan

    you are right anger and impatience is the root cause of all the problems,and that we should all try to think good in all conditions

    I would like to say that
    whatever happens in your life is because of your thoughts, if you think good good will come to you, and if you think negative- negative will come to you
    it is like law of attraction
    I don’t have a deep knowledge in all this, but made my thinking through reading some books and articles

    and that is what this post aims at, think good and the good will come to you

    1. Ambi


      “Think good and the good will come to you”

      This is again just a ‘feel-good’ statement that is, unfortunately, becoming all too common in the ‘spiritual’ circles these days just like one I heard sometime back… ‘If you think you are strong, you will become strong!’… yeah, right!

      We all want to be happy! We just want good things in life! But fact is we are made to, forced to suffer, day in and day out… why?

      Besides, anger and impatience are just symptoms, not the root cause for our problems. Superficial analysis simply won’t do.

      1. Radhachandran

        Ambi, the root cause for the problem is we don’t know our real power. Once we know & realize it, we will roar like a lion & not bleat like a sheep.Don’t take the meaning as anger.

        1. Ambi

          Haha… someone really doesn’t like my comments, to have clicked on many of those as thumbs down. Too bad.


          I am sorry, but your answer is vague. What power are you talking about?

          1. Aneet

            Dude, I am sure everyone respects everyone else’s point of view. If there were no peer review like whats happening right now I think we’d stagnate!

          2. Radhachandran

            Sorry Ambi, it’s not power but the real self & once you know, you will not see anything as a problem as you know everything will pass on & you will be in bliss every moment.

          3. Radhachandran

            The real self is the conscious which i’ve been talking as space & intelligence (viveka)

          4. Radhachandran

            Ambi soon after i answered ur Q, i opened one of Vethathiri’s book & opened a page & in it was a detailed answer for your question.
            “Man himself is Consciousness & the seat of Consciousness is the soul, the spiritual phenomenon within his body.Man is the mind, which is the psychic activity of the soul by the contact with the outer world through the senses.Again man is God when he realizes the primordial state within himself, beyond the functions of the mind & soul.The chaos of the wordly affairs,clouds the understanding of his real Self.When man becomes calm through a psychic practice & regulated way of living, a mystic light of superactive transcendental state of consciousness will blossom, & the clouds of misconception disappear.It is realized that Matter of Truth is one:It is Consciousness.

          5. Ambi

            “Man himself is Consciousness & the seat of Consciousness is the soul, the spiritual phenomenon within his body”

            The way vedic scriptures put forth the idea, Consciousness is an attribute of the soul. An embodied soul is what we call as man or woman or some animal. So, a man and his soul are not two separate identities.

            “Man is the mind, which is the psychic activity of the soul by the contact with the outer world through the senses.”

            Mind, intelligence and false ego form the subtle body for the soul. So, man cannot be the mind as such.

            I have already stated that man cannot be God or become God… by definition. If worldly affairs and illusions can limit God, then the illusion is greater than God… which goes against the very definition of God that he is all powerful and unlimited.

            So I see that there is a lot of difference in the standpoints taken here.

            Btw, who is Vethathiri Maharishi’s Guru?

    1. Radhachandran

      If you know the secret to be happy every moment, you will not be bored & you will not want to be angry with any one.

  3. Radhachandran

    Mani, I forgot to mention the point that if at all you want to show your anger against injustice, you pretend to be angry.Anger will not work all the time in all places.

  4. Arunthathi Ramadhas

    Hari Om.A human being’s actions are centered on the faculty of choice.Every action stems from our approval, our knowledge,our culture,our status,our wisdom and our will.But we not only act,we also react.Reactions are totally mechanical.They do not have our sanctions whereas actions do.A reaction just happens.An emotionl response like anger is common to every one,but nobody consciously decides to get angry.
    Anger,jealousy,depression,frustration and sorrow are all reactions.If we deal with one reaction,we begin to deal with almost all reactions.If you have to pull a cot,you pull one leg of it and you have moved the other three legs as well.Once you deal with anger, you can successfully deal with all other reactions as well.
    To deal with a reaction,we should be able to distinguish from action.That gives me the knowledge of what I have to deal with.I make sure when I am angry.I understand that anger comes without my bidding and I have no control over it.I cannot deal with my anger as long as I refuse to admit this fact.
    I can deal with my anger by making a resolve.Getting up in the morning, I make a resolve that I will be alert to my anger today.I never say,”I will not get angry hereafter”. This will not work.Therefore resolve only for oneday.
    Dealing with my anger oneday at a time gives me breathing space;my anger no longer seems unmanageable.All I have to do is to manage it for one day and I can learn to manage it for a life time.
    The human mind has the amazing capacity to accept a suggestion and bring it to fruition at the right time. During the day when you are about to get angry,the red light flashes in your mind indicating that you are getting angery.You are forewarned.Even if you get angry you are aware of your rising anger.There comes a time when you know you are about to get angry ahead of time.
    Eventually your whole life becomes one of actions,conscious actions. You command respect from others.This is the only way to avoid anger.Sometimes a person requires therapy to dealwith built-in anger.More often it is sufficient to observe one’s anger and recognize its cause to be released from its stranglehold.Then you are free from anger.
    While in the process of addressing anger,there is no reason to regret what happened; a learning person never regrets and a regretting person never learns.
    The above extract is from Swamy Dayananda Saraswthy’s “Talks And Essays”

  5. Gyanban

    There is no permanent emotion.
    There is no permanent anger.
    There is no permanent love either,
    There is no permanent life o stranger …

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