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Instant Chocolate Mousse – Recipe

A lazy Sunday morning which boasts of not much to do was inspiration enough for me to make one of my favorite desserts for after-lunch: Instant Chocolate mousse. It is one recipe that hits the spot quite well after any meal! Might I add that this would also line your arteries well so you might not want to indulge in this devilish delight too often!

I apologize for the low quality pictures: I am a bad carpenter and I blame my tools!

Step 1: The ingredients that you would need to concoct this gastronomic extravaganza are:


-250gm of chocolate buttons (as dark as possible — I’ve used 60% cocoa buttons),

-50 gm of unsalted butter (that’s about 1/5th of the stick displayed in the picture),

-A few drops of vanilla essence, heavy whipping cream or whipped cream

– As much as you’d like but BEWARE this is artery clogging stuff!!

-About three quarters the quantity of mini marshmallows as you have chocolate buttons

-2 to 3 table spoons of water (not shown in picture)

Step 2: Heat a skillet on a low-medium to medium flame and melt the mini marshmallows and chocolate buttons with the few table spoons of water.

Step 2

Step 3: As the marshmallow-button mixture starts melting, add your 50 gram dollop of butter. Make sure you are mixing all the time or the contents of your skillet may for a congealed black gooey gunged at the bottom of your skillet!

Step 3

Step 4: On the side mix the barest of bare quantities of whipped/heavy whipping cream with 2-3 drops of vanilla essence.

Step 4

Step 5:  Once the chocolate goo is of the desired consistency (Step 5), let it cool.  Don’t bother if the marshmallows still form white striations in your chocolate goo!

Step 5

Step 6: Fold the cream-vanilla essence mixture with your chocolate goo and refrigerate. The pudding should set in about 1 hour!

Step 6

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