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Understanding the concept of God – Part 8 (Introspection, thoughts and desire)



In introspection we have:

1. Analysis of thoughts,

2. Moralization of desires,

3. Neutralization of anger,

4. Eradication of worries.

Under analysis of thoughts one should know the 10 steps of thoughts. They are:

  1. feeling,
  2. need,
  3. zeal or effort,
  4. action,
  5. result,
  6. enjoyment,
  7. experience,
  8. research,
  9. realization &
  10. Conclusion.

Any thought, that arises first is due to some kind of a feeling physically or mentally. Once the feeling forms, for e.g. If it is a physical feeling, it might be hunger, thirst, pain or even sexual feeling & that is due to an imbalance in the body energy , the need for satisfying it comes to balance the energy level. Then we take an effort to fulfill it which automatically will lead to do an action & we know the result after the action is performed as enjoyment, which becomes an experience. So when we think back it is a research & through it we know the solution for the feeling & that is the conclusion we make.

So, now through experience we know that when we are hungry we have to get something to eat, which should be something healthy, instead of something tasty. What we do is, eat just to fill up the stomach. Again if we have a strong desire to get things like buying a car or building a house. we first think in terms of need & then make effort as to what one should do & then we put in action to fulfill it. If we have fulfilled it without getting loans, the result will be enjoyment. Instead if we buy loan then the result will not be enjoyment until the loan is over. This is how one should analyze the thoughts. Thoughts come as desires, when not fulfilled it leads to anger & worry. That’s why we need to introspect.

Normally it is said that desires had to be eradicated, but it is not so. One cannot live without desires. It should only be moralized.

How do you moralize you desires? Let’s analyze this with an example. Your desire is to buy a car. To fulfill this desire one has to see that no problems occur to self, or anybody in the present or in the future. This is a very important point one should bear in mind always. If one buy loan & and not able to pay the loan, then there is problem for both the persons. This will lead to the other person’s anger & sometimes lead to enmity . These are simple examples that any normal person on the safer side will see that such things doesn’t happen. Desires increase day by day & all the desires will not be fulfilled in this life time. So in that case we have to keep desires that can be fulfilled & will not harm anybody . This is how we can keep our mind free of unwanted desires.

In the next chapter we will deal with Neutralization of anger.

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  1. Bharathi

    do you think it is possible to do something without harming any one now or in future. even if we speak, there are ‘n’ number of microorganisms go in to our mouth. Besides our actions would to something good to someone while keeping some others at distress. Have you noticed this? Besides, keeping this in mind, can you explain what is good and bad?

    1. Radhachandran

      A good question Bharathi.I have to explain this in detail.Certain things come under the law of nature.If you see in nature from the 1st sense to 5th sense creatures survive, eating another creature & that doesn’t come as a karma for those creatures.I wouldn’t say these are exceptions, this is nature’s law.These creatures don’t have the 6th sense, the mind to think. As to doing harm to micro organisms also come under this law.Still there are Jains who fan themselves to avoid harming these organisms.These are only for the beginners in spirituality.

      More important is that that whatever we do in the beta level mind, it harms somebody & that forms an imprint in the soul & becomes a karma.That is the cause & effect.If we do in the peaceful state, the intelligence will guide us as intution.Intution comes from deep within & will never do any harm if we listen & act.When we are in sublimation process we have to sacrifice, adjust,be patience & then do the action.Is it possible always? Very difficult…

      There is still another answer & that is, as long as you are in duality seeing this is good & that is bad, there will be the action & a result.All this happens to normal people who are not bothered about these.Their karmas increase & they take many births & any way in some birth they will also come under this purification category & go for sublimation.

      When we go beyond this duality & realize that everything is the outcome of God,Space, Intelligence & do any thing, there will not be any result.You act spontaneously.

      This is how Lord Krishna performs actions in Mahabharahta & not at all affected by anything.He is a person who has transcended duality. No wonder he asks to do actions & not to bother about the result.

      Bharahti, this is a very long reply & i hope you have the patience to read this.ha..ha…Thanks for giving an oppurtunity to explain certain important things.

      1. Bharathi

        Not at all. In fact I should be thankful for sparing some time to answer my question.

        1. If those creatures with 1 to 5 sense doesnt create karma, does that mean that they wont have rebirth?

        2. I do agree with intuition. I have experienced it.

        3. And yeah, your answer quoting Lord Krishna is little convincing but I have a lot to think on this point. so cant reply immediately.

        But thanks again for sparing some time to explain this 🙂

  2. Radhachandran

    Yes Bharathi, there is no possibility of rebirth for the 1 to 5 sense creatures.They, by accident visited the earth in the evolution process & they don’t have a desire to live & what karmas do they gather to come back again?
    But the animal qualities are in man as it is recoreded in the eneygy particles as magnetic waves in the genetic centre.
    In a man its not so. He desires for everything & not knowing about the birth cycle does actions & create karmas.If we hadn’t created karmas we would have dissolved easily & merge with the Conscious.

    1. Bharathi

      Thanks for your reply again. I can understand what ever you said but cant realize. hope I would realize it at one point of time. Thanks again for writing something that I dont know 🙂

      1. Ambi

        I am sorry to interject.

        “They, by accident visited the earth in the evolution process & they don’t have a desire to live…”

        I am sorry… but visited earth by accident in the evolution process? Is this something ‘realized’ or just another speculative theory to reconcile scientific evolution theory and the philosophy being discussed in the articles?

        1. Radhachandran

          Evolution itself is that which happens accidently, at a particular time,in a particular climate, in a particular place.Ambi go deep within you you will find the answers for all.

          1. Ambi

            Please tell me what is the basis for such a claim.

            From what I know, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, happens by chance or accident.

            Esoteric answers like ‘Go deep…’ won’t help.

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