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Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton


Jurassic Park is the science fiction highlighting the developments and growth in biotechnology, but when this is mixed with the human greed, then it could be dangerous for this planet and the people.

The story starts with John Hammond, an old man inviting paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm a great mathematician, and Mr. Gennaro, his law adviser, on his personal island in the remote area, were it is rumored that Hammond had invested millions of dollars in it.

Only after reaching there, did they come to know that Hammond, with the help of its scientists and engineers, had gone millions of years back and had brought back dinosaurs by cloning its DNA, . He had dreamt of creating an amusement centre for children, and also to make good money. But, he did not realize that playing with the ecosystem and nature is not so easy, and could be proved fatal by just one mistake.

This is a very gripping, and in fact the only book of which I liked more than one characters. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician had always left me thinking, and had made me see mathematics in an entirely different way. It is very surprising to relate mathematics with nature.

John Hammond’s coolness in dealing with the problematic situations was impressive from the very beginning, and then Tim Murphy, a 12 year old kid was great with his mental acuity and presence of mind in dealing with the death-taking situations, and finally the description of dinosaurs is so vividly and beautifully done, that you will feel them around you. I was so engrossed in that world, that an insect bite on my hand had feared me of dinosaurs.

The book is also interesting in scientific descriptions of dinosaurs and biotechnology, and author has written it in such way, that one would not be bored by those descriptions, and in fact it would prove knowledgeable for the reader.

The movie based on this, directed by Steven Spielberg was also a major hit of 90’s. This book is so interesting that you will finish it in one stroke.

This book review is written and submitted by Chetan Maheshwari.

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  1. Aneet

    Have you read “Sphere” or “State of Fear”, both by Michael Crichton? If you like JP, you will most definitely love the above two if you haven’t read them already!

  2. chetan

    No i have not read those books by Michael Crichton, but I will look for them in the library

    @Mani Padma
    To be true, i have seen the movie 10 years back, and I donot remember a thing of it, so can’t say exactly, what it is like..

  3. Dreamer

    If you enjoyed Jurassic Park, please do try and read The Lost World which is kind of a sequel. Don’t be put off by the movie – The Lost World, the book is nothing like the movie.

  4. Ashwin Baindur

    The novel was great as a piece of fiction, but not for the first or last time – Crichton gets his science wrong.

    The mistakes begin with name ‘Jurassic Park’. The dinosaurs named belonged to the Cretaceous. The king of the Jurrasic was Allosaurus not T. rex but then how would Crichton get his brand recognition to make the book/film the great hits they were? There are tons more of such flaws in virtually all his books since his very early ‘The Andromeda strain’.

    In the final analysis, Crichton was a great novelist but a poor scientist or rather poor commentator on scientific issues. His ‘State of Fear’ is nothing but b.s. written to order by industries resisting measures to top global warming.

    Enjoy Crichton but do not accept any of the science he makes out to be!

    1. chetan

      hey, you surprised me with your knowledge about dinosaurs,
      yeah it mightbe possible that there are flaws,
      and yes we should enjoy the book, and not consider the scientific details, after all its a fiction

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