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Understanding the Concept of God – Part 7

deep meditation So far, it’s all about understanding Who or what is God? – God is the space or conscious, or Intelligence.

In all these chapters I haven’t mentioned anywhere about love. We say God is love & love is God. Where does this quality come in space?

I had said that this Consciousness has another quality – Totality or wholeness or oneness other than Force & Intelligence. It is this totality which is omnipresent & binds together everything in the Universe . This quality is love. If there isn’t this binding, love cannot be felt in the human beings. I have many a time put this question to myself why on earth did this Intelligent evolved? Why can’t it simply stay like that? The answer I got is there is the force which made it to evolve. If there isn’t intelligence & if there is only force, then this Universe would have functioned without any control & the Universe itself would be in a total collapse.

My Guru explains how we are bound in the space with a simple example. When a sponge is put in the water, the sponge absorbs the water & there is water in and around it. In the same way the whole Universe with all the living beings is soaked in space. A scientific truth is that 99.00001 % of all the living beings are space, i.e Intelligence is a whole lot in the physical appearance & the body is only a tiny part. We are ignorant of this & use the physical body to the maximum in a wrong manner & make it worn out soon. So it is in our hands to take care of the body & use the intelligence fully to solve problems, take the right decisions without unnecessarily getting tension, needn’t fear, needn’t be dependent on any one ,except to the intelligence which protects & guides us all the time.

Understanding this is the 1st step. To put it into practice in our life is the 2nd step.

How do we put into practice?

Its only meditation which helps to bring the mind under control. The mind is a chatter box, non stopping going into the past or to the future. Why can’t it be in the present for a while.

Meditation helps us to be in the present. How does this happen in meditation?

Thoughts are of 4 frequencies. They are Beta wave, Alpha wave , Dheeta wave & Delta wave.

Beta wave – the normal conscious mind, frequency will be between 13 to 40 cycles /sec. Normally any person will be in this frequency & when one is angry it will slowly rise to 20 & above. At this state the outward situation easily traps anyone to get angry, tensed, irritated & they will always be stressful.

Alpha wave – sub conscious mind, between 8 to 12 cycles/sec. It is the peaceful state in 8 & if one is in this state for a very long time there is chance of one to go below. If one is above 10, there is chance of him to go to beta wave. It’s again in our hands to maintain in the peaceful state where our intelligence will function in better way.

Dheeta wave – unconscious mind, it is in this level all the previous births & whatever is done unconsciously is recorded & it is between 5 to 11 cycles/sec.

It is very difficult to pass this state & go beyond to reach the delta wave as once we do meditation & go deep the imprints below come above as it is stimulated. Only then do we see so many sufferings in one’s life & we say God is testing & we have to face such situations with patience. Once we transcend this it will be easy to experience the no mind state.

Delta wave – super conscious mind, between 1 to 4 cycles/sec. This is the place where the enlightened persons are almost with the Totality, showing love & fully in aware of what is happening around them very clearly. When one is in 0, they are in total awareness, pure conscious & this is the no mind state. Normally when one is in this state, either the person is dead or in coma, but a man under meditation can be in this state in full awareness. This is the real samaadhi state, where he is sama means equal to aadhi ( beginning).

Even though one experience the different levels one cannot sustain in it very long as the outward situations will stimulate & one will be pushed again to the alpha level. When one is not at all affected by any situations & is very calm, then he can stop all his sadhanas. He will know the secrets of this life & he is said to be a self realized person. In the next chapter we will deal with how thoughts arise & the different steps of mind & which will help in introspection.

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    1. Radhachandran

      Thanks Bharathi. i read your post “A Naked Opinion”.A nice one indeed.I think you would have got answers to some of the questions you had put.
      Any quality good or bad arises within an individual & it is an individual’s responsibility to see such negative qualities doesn’t arise in him.That is the need for introspection.
      I think you know the lines from the song Thirudathe paapa thirudathe, ‘Thirudana parthu thiruntha vittal thirutai ozhika mudiathu’Unless each one find out that the root cause for violence,hatred etc. is within him, there is no chance for eradicating terrorism.

        1. Radhachandran

          Yes Bharathi, the answer is, the force within the Intelligent. Once the Intelligence had to express its force transforming into energy particles & the process is nonstop until it became into human form.The peak is the mind in the man.With the mind he created more karmas or imprints & he had to take birth after birth. To bring a stop to this life only thing is to clear of karmas.I will write about it in my later chapters.

  1. Aneet

    How does one measure these states of consciousness, if you will? This is an extremely interesting post. I have been into the Art of Living etc. for the last decade or so and it is nice to know that people are 'waking' up to this now.

    1. Radhachandran

      Its not,’if you will” but “you must, measure these states through introspection.If you always have a close look at yourself, you will know in which frequency you are in.
      If you are a person who is stimulated easily, you are definetely in beta wave.With regular practice in meditation you will know that at certain situations you would be calm, but previously you would have been angry.
      Meditation without introspection is a house without a door.Anybody can easily enter the house.Introspection without meditation is a door without a lock.You get a chance any body can open the door & enter inside.

      1. Aneet

        So how would you define Introspection? I consider the following things meditation because I don't worry about whats happening around me when I do them:

        Cooking, art, music…

        1. Radhachandran

          I’ll be explaining in detail about introspection in the coming next chapters.
          Anything done with full involvement is meditation is right o.k.You will be peaceful & energetic.As long as nothing comes on our way to worry us,everything will be fine.If it does come then rises the problem to keep oneself peaceful.There you need introspection to keep ourseves balanced.In an agrravated mind it’s impossible.In a peaceful state to sustain it you can introspect.

  2. chetan

    nice post!
    it is true that love binds us, and meditation is a means to realize it.
    i would be happy, if possible in future , you write articles about meditation techniques and right methods

  3. Ambi

    “he is said to be a self realized person.”

    I am sorry… but what is this ‘self realization’ you are describing here? Controlling the mind is one thing, but calling that ‘self realization’, which is entirely different, is odd.

    1. Radhachandran

      No Ambi, it’s not controlling the mind,(not suppressing)its again understanding the mind.If you suppress or control the mind the effect will be different. You know the root cause of the mind, & you realize the self.My guru says “The other end of the mind is God”(the self).It is the self one has to find i.e the answer for “Who am I?’When we go within the mind through meditation & when all the imprints(karmas) are cleared we experience the self.The process through meditation& introspection is sublimation.

      1. Ambi

        “It is the self one has to find i.e the answer for “Who am I?’”

        For once, Agreed :).

        But can’t give a break to my reputation… I do not agree that the self is ‘God’. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, clearly states the difference between atma and the paramatma. So, to say both are one and the same is unacceptable.

        1. Radhachandran

          Ambi, I have read “Geetha Vahini” by Sathya Sai Baba & some translated versions Of Geetha.I ‘ve understood like what I’ve said.
          To confirm it I asked my cousin who attends Geetha classes & reads Geetha regularly.She sent an e-mail to me in which she has said, “The limitations belong to the body & not to the self that is the nature of awareness”She also quoted that in the 8th Chapter the Lord says,”He who knows himself to be not different from Me, he is one with Me.He is wise & liberated from birth & death”.

          He says that knowing the truth itself is one with Me & liberated from birth & death.What i say is you purify yourself with meditation & introspection & then realize that jeevathma & paramathma are one.

          1. Ambi

            You can refer BG 13.23 which clearly states within the jivatma, the paramatma resides… as overseer and permitter (upadraṣṭā & anumantā), and that he is the master, supreme enjoyer and the supreme Lord (bhartā bhoktā maheśvaraḥ).

            No where is it stated both are same.

  4. Radhachandran

    Ambi, i went through BG 13. 23 & yes it is stated as you have said.Might be He says in a different context.I read chapter 8, The name given is “Attaining the Supreme” & in that Krishna says, ‘And whoever at the end of his life quits his body remembering me alone at once attains My nature, of this there is no doubt.Any way i’ll go through it again & you too read it.

  5. Ambi

    Krishna says it from his position as God instructing his devotee, Arjuna, in the middle of the battlefield. There is no other context possible apart from this, apart from speculation, that is.

    Yes, BG 8.4 says that the person attains the supreme nature… mat bhAvam… doesn’t say that person becomes God.

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