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Mood Ok


Ok !







Does all this “Ok” sounds similar to you ? If yes, sorry to say you are in a time warp and need to understand the intricacies of the mood language in modern networking.

In SMS lingo , all this various forms of OK could convey various moods. One simple ok from this list could put across your mental state to the receiver of the sms.

So lets interpret the moods of this various Ok . 

Ok ! – You are in a casual mood.

Ok – Just fine. Nothing much to be read upon this ok.

Ok… – Friendly Ok. (also implies chillax ! don’t take BP out of this)

Okkk – This is an interesting confusing Ok with a drawl. It has to be interpreted on the basis of the context of SMS talk. It could mean a casual ok , a lovable, cute ok or also could mean a ok when someone is slightly irritated or slightly upset. I stress upon the word slightly irritated coz the person is not angry as such with you.

k – Again based on the context , the person is either busy or disappointed. If its from your Gf/bf/spouse , high chance its a disappointed message unless they are driving or middle of something.

K – A highly disappointed but only a degree less dangerous than the OK .

OK – The most dangerous OK to read on  mobile. The sender is very upset or angry. (Be extra cautious, if you receive this OK from your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse)

Ok ! That’s it for the day ! Ok ?

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    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Bharathi:
    but very few take pain to type 4 letter okay in sms 🙂

    and about your k , ofcourse people who knows abt ur laziness only will sms u , in that case they know your k is emotionless 😀

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