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Simple Sweet Idli Recipe ( with pictures)
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Simple Sweet Idli Recipe ( with pictures)

It is a  simple but tasty variant of Idli right from our family kitchen.

Let’s see the step by step process of making Sweet Idli.

The recipe doesn’t demand fancy ingredients and its very easy to make.

Ingredients :

  • Idli batter. (Either home made or ready-made batter available in department stores)
  • Coconut
  • Moong dal
  • Jaggery

Step 1: Grate the coconut. Shred the Jaggery or you can use readily available Jaggery powder (You can add Jaggery as per your taste). Take Moong dal in the ration of 1:4 . 1 measure of Moong dal for 4 measure of grated coconut.

Step 2: Mix all the ingredients.

Step 3: Apply a layer of Idli batter in the Idli holder (Idli stand)


Step 4: Spread a portion of the the mixture we have made over the layer of Idli batter.


Step 5: Apply another layer of Idli batter over the mixture.


Step 6: Steam cook the Idli in the Idli cooker. Your Sweet Idli is ready to serve.


Isn’t it looking YUMMY ? It tastes YUMMY too ! Try it , your family would love it ! You don’t need even a side dish to accompany this idli. Its tasty as it is.

Let me thank my mom for the recipe and patiently allowing me to click pictures while she was cooking ! Thanks Mom !

Update: Few readers have a doubt if the moon dal used in filling is raw moong dal or boiled. Here in this recipe, we use raw moong dal. When the Idli is steam cooked, the moong dal in the filling also gets cooked in the process. So no need to pre-cook the moong dal.

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  1. Radhachandran

    It’s quite a long time i made this idli.Chithappa is going to ask me to make this if he sees the picture.Ofcourse a delicious idli.

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