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It all started with an email from Mani Padma of our GingerChai author panel. (Yes, the same Mani who “wowed us” with wonderful 55F and book reviews in GingerChai)

She asked my opinion on doing a photo feature under the name “Jewel in the Crown” series. As a sample, she had sent me a power point presentation about a hill destination she had visited. (Harsil in Uttaranchal, to be precise). I went through the presentation and sat a while looking at the pictures. It was impressive.

So I shot her a mail back. I thought a complete travelogue could be a good addition to the site. I asked her opinion on it.

Mani mailed me back with her inputs. She was bit hesitant about the idea of a full fledged travelogue. She suggested we should work on a different approach. For regular travelogue, there are many sites for readers, some being exclusive for just this purpose. So why do we at GingerChai, follow the same tested route? Why don’t we come up with something else for the same concept? Again the feature in Ginger Chai should be a bit unique too, not like the run of the mill ones with the usual stuff of recommendations.

It made me think. She had made a valid point. So thinking on the subject, I narrowed down to two options.

1. It could be projected as a main category “Picture speaks or Photo talks (or any other appropriate title) and the sub category will be "Jewel in the crown" that will contain Mani’s series of article on this line.

2. It could be projected as a travel category (with suitable name) and the subcategory "Jewel in the crown" that will post the series of Mani’s visual articles.

Both has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Photo speaks / photo talks: Could not be restricted just on the travelogue but also include any other interesting pictures on various subjects.

The travel category: May be focused on one subject.

Both the category has its own minuses too. The bottom line of course is to make it not look like run of the mill types.

After a couple of email discussion, we decided upon the new category “Photo Speaks”. Later as the content increases on this, may be we can divide it further suitably.

So GingerChai will soon have a new feature by name “PHOTO SPEAKS”

It’s going to be exciting. Like you, even am looking forward to it.

If you have a camera, good hands and eye to frame pictures and let the picture speak stories , YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TOO. It can be based on any subject. It can be whacky , serious , photos about places or anything visually interesting. You can even weave a small story around the picture. Just shoot me a mail for any clarification.

If you have any suggestions, tips or tea bags to pep it up, feel free to provide it.

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He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. mani padma

    Way to go, Chief! but I think you went a bit over the top about me.Not that I mind :-). But of course ,the max credit goes to you ( for having faith in the idea)

  2. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ mani padma:

    The initial jewel came from you , so the crown is bestowed on you lol. Jewel in the crown gave the photo speak concept , so credit goes to you !

    @ Bharathi

    We hope you will enjoy the new photo series 🙂

  3. Sunny

    cool ! Seems like a friendly site! Dropped here first time and have a friendly feeling over here. Looking forward to visual treat.

    Good luck guyz !

  4. Aneet

    @ Lakshmi Rajan:
    This is an interesting development, I must say! I think I’ll send in a picture of two with apt captions and with some yarn woven into the same context! Nice going!

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