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Understanding the concept of God – Part 5

So the Conscious travels evolving into the panchaboothas , goes through the process of transforming into the 1st sense plants to the 5th sense , animals. I had already stated that, in between there were so many species in the ocean & in the earth.

(Refer the previous parts of this series – Understanding the concept of God)

The question now arises if man evolved straight away from the monkeys or whether there was any missing link between the monkey & the man.

There are a lot of similarities between a man & a monkey. So far, the animals walked with 4 legs & they were horizontal. Only in the monkey do we see it walking with 4 legs, but it uses its front legs as hands. It uses it to climb the trees & holds fruits in it hands & eat the food. Slowly its backbone which was horizontal evolves to become vertical & it develops into chimpanzees & orangutan which are very similar to a man.

yazhi A sculpture of Yazhi in a temple

My guru’s in sight says that the monkeys had a cross breed with another animal which had the face of a lion & the body of a man. This breed was called as Yazhi & since this became sterile, there was no chance of it to exist in many numbers & it extincted. If you see in the temples there are sculptures of this yazhi. Moreover, monkey is herbivorous & man coming from it also should be a vegetarian. Since man eats birds & animals there is a chance of monkey & yazhi, which is carnivorous, joining together to become a perfect human, who is a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

So now if we have a comparison between Dasavathar & the evolution, we will come to know that the 1st Machavathara is a living being in the water.

Matsya_painting An artistic interpretation of Matsya (macha)avatar

The 2nd, Koormavathar, tortoise with all it’s 5 senses lives in the sea & the land.

koorm avatarAn artistic interpretation of Koorm Avatar

The 3rd, Varahagavathar is again an animal which borrows the earth to get its food.

varaha avatarA temple sculpture of Varaha Avatar

The 4th Narasimhavathara is the missing link before the man.

Narasimha_HolsayaAncient narasimha avatar sculpture in a temple 

The 5th Vamana is a perfect human with manas (mind) who is described as a dwarf. So probably the humans were short statured.

vamana avatarA sculpture of Vamana avatar in a temple

The 6th is the Parasuramavathar who always goes around with an axe to show that man works with it to cut trees for his living.

Parasurama AvatarAn artistic impression of Parasurama Avatar

The 7th, Ramavathar, to show that a leader comes to take care of the people.

Rama AvatarAn artistic impression of Rama Avatar

The 8th, Balaramaavathar, with his plough tells that agriculture played an important role then.

balaramaAn artistic impression of Balarama Avatar

The 9th, Krishnaavathar is an enlightened man who is considered as a God.

KrishnaAn artistic impression of Krishna Avatar

About Kalkiavathar my guru hasn’t said anything. What next? It is about you & me & how mind begins to function within us.


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  1. Ambi

    Ok, argument time πŸ™‚

    The explanation you have given seems to just try and do a speculative pattern fitting between ancient history as mentioned in our literature and concepts of modern evolution theory.

    The explanations as perceived by Maharishi and as given in Srimad Bhagavatam are at odds. See

    The Canto 12 Chapter 2 gives some detailed descriptions on the avatars, not just the 9 as above. And it gives information on Kalki avatar too… look up texts 12.2.17 to 12.2.24, starting from here…

  2. Ambi

    @Mani Padma:

    So, any kind of speculative theory is acceptable now, just to make our ‘religion’ look like its in tandem with ‘modern’ science?

    We learn that Parashurama used his axe to hew down several generations of corrupt Ksatriyas. Now we have to ‘theorize’ that he is just a symbolic representation of a wood cutter and that’s considered scientific because…?

    This, again, is an example of our tendency to always try to conform to western standards.

  3. mani padma

    @ Ambi:
    I am sorry if I have agitated you in any way. And it has no bearing whatsoever with any conformation of so called western standards. It just appealed to my common sense , thats all. I am not a theologist nor a historian nor even an anthropologist to question the authenticity of any subject.
    I don’t see man as eastern or western. I only see them as black, white or grey. (not literally)

  4. Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Ambi:
    That was a revealation about Lord Macaulay. I would come out with a topic on this after researching it a litl more. Tx !

    @ Mani

    I agree to your word ” It just appealed to my common sense , thats all”

    Belief , faith are all how one perceives the same God. (It applies to even Atheist). If one believes its right, it holds right for him. Otherwise , in this world we won’t have diversified concepts for God even if God is one and same.

  5. Ambi

    My dear sir, this ‘If one believes its right, it holds right for him’ trend is the main reason for the confusion now called ‘Hinduism’.

    Let the fireworks begin.

  6. Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Ambi:
    May be yes but whose fault is that ? Certainly not the believers. Unlike Abrahamic faith that believe in one book and diktat , the good as well as drawback of Hinduism is its not rigid and force upon a rulebook on its followers. If you believe there is “confusion” and the real essence of Hinduism is not delivered to the people. Its upon the set of believers of the true essence of Hinduism to reeach the truth to the people and clear the confusion.

  7. Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky

    (*Beware: Jumbo Comment Ahead!*)

    I liked the analysis, but I also have another view.
    Balaram was anshaavathar, And Buddha was the 9th avatar.

    So, if you notice, than we will see that it is the evolution of a man. From Vamana, let’s see. From Parasuram onwards, Parasuram was short-tempered, Ram had controlled his temper, Krishna was a good politician, Buddha went for spirituality.

    Now, if we draw an analogy, Vamana to be our childhood where we did some great things because we were underestimated by our opponents. During youth, we are very angry, then we learn to control our temper, after that we also learn how to deal with the problems tactfully. At last we go to Spiritual ways. The other four can be considered as pre birth stages. And regarding Kalki, I am keeping silent about this view.

  8. Ambi


    And what IS the true essence of the vedic religion? (Notice that I am not using the word ‘Hinduism’).


    “And regarding Kalki, I am keeping silent about this view.” – hehe… for now? We can fit patterns only around things we know… πŸ™‚

  9. Chetan

    what ever may be the arguements and comments above, but i really liked your correlation of all the avatars,
    but let me ask you a thing, which I have in mind for so long,and would write sumthing on it once i get to know is-
    why all these avatars originated or born in India, why not overseas, were not there any people that time

  10. Radhachandran

    Nice discussions.I enjoyed it.Thanks to all@ Ambi:
    The explanations as perceived by Maharishi & as given in Bagavatham are at odds.
    I don’t think there is any difference, Ambi.The answer is again, the difference in the mental frequency.The way you understand is different from mine.
    @ Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky:Jumbo comments are mostly welcome.
    @ Chetan:avatars did not originate in India,it originated in our home the earth.Since the realized persons where in India, they need to explain about the truths.

    Evolution can happen in any part of the world,but to a realized person there is no difference.When he is in Visvaroopa,in a no mind state,unconditonal,everything happens within him.Hope all of you understand this.

  11. Ambi


    Actually, I expected this reply, going by what I can understand of the philosophy that is being described here.

    If its just ‘mental frequency’ that is needed for understanding a ‘religionized’ version of the modern evolution theory, then I must say there is nothing more to discuss here.

  12. Radhachandran

    @ Ambi

    I didn’t mean that to understand the modern evolution theory you have to be in the same frequency.It is that i don’t see any difference in what is given in Bhagavatham & what my guru has explained.To understand that one should be in the same mental frequency.That’s what i meant,Ambi.

  13. Ambi

    Hmmm… then, normally, I would have asked as to why there seems to be no difference, when the Bhagavatam’s and the Maharishi’s explanations have no overlap in the fundamentals.

    But I guess that question is irrelevant at this juncture.

  14. Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky

    @ Ambi
    I was silent about Kalki, because it is very funny view that I hold.
    I have seen many old people yearning to become young. And they have many complaints about today’s generation, so there is always one thing going in their mind that they will destroy everything, but they don’t do it because, it is not easy to destroy what you have created. So, Kalki is an avatar which is yet to come, but it is said that he will come one day.

    (*this is totally my view.*)

  15. Ambi


    Now I do understand why you say β€œIf one believes its right, it holds right for him.” πŸ™‚


    Agreed that its your opinion, but I really didn’t understand the connection between the old people, young people, destruction and Kalki. *shrug*

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