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Love is Blind


girl in window

He left, satisfied only after she came to the window.

When life was about to defeat him, she had appeared at the window, her eyes filled with innocence and hope, miraculously giving him a fresh lease of life. Now he sought her eyes daily for sustenance.

Little did he know that her eyes saw nothing.

This  55 fiction format story is written by Mani Padma.

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0 03 September, 2009 55 Fiction September 3, 2009

About the author

She is a Doctor by profession , working in Delhi. Loves traveling, mind games and playing with words… And also the chief-co brewer of GingerChai. She is the chief brewer of some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Follow @manishalsam

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  1. Mandeep

    Another punch from Mani! You have returned! why don’t you publish collection of such stunning stories.

  2. Lakshmi Rajan

    This again is a short,wonderful story from Mani Padma , heavy weight emotions bundled in 55 words !

    The story was so inspiring that i wanted a good picture to compliment it and am happy I got the right one !

    Good writings are really inspiring !

  3. Shankar

    Hey I like this comment system….That like and dislike thing…. could you throw me some information about this comment forms…?? Is it a custom made one or any predefined comment forms from Internet??

  4. mani padma

    thanks alo for your encouraging comments. I will attempt some more in different flavours so as not to be repetetive. I hope I don’t let you all down.

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