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Monday Morning Blues



This article is written and submitted by Sir Pumpkin Longshanks. He is the latest member to join our panel of authors.

Ho hum… It’s THE dreaded day… It’s THE least favorite day of the week… at least to most people it is. It is the day that follows the I-feel-strange-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach-feeling. It’s a MONDAY and you will most likely have a case of the inevitable “Monday Morning blues”! If you don’t, you must be special!

Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for the afore-mentioned syndrome. As per which happens to be an expert in doling out information on dealing with various maladies and problems both physiological and psychological, “Our internal clocks naturally operate on a day that is longer than 24 hours. By the time Monday rolls around each week, we’ve built up a sleep deficit of at least an hour. Of course, the weekend revelries and facing another work week don’t help matters.

There are tomes of articles that have been written on dealing with Monday morning blues. Most of them work only because we are fooled into believing that they would! For instance, most of my friends swear by a cup of strong black coffee to beat the blues, some people take to yoga, some people to smoking and some people to shouting randomly at limousines.

Thinking about this, I wonder if self-employed people experience Monday morning blues. Or ever heard of a farmer complaining of Monday morning blues? I checked with few people who are self-employed. Surprisingly, Monday blue seems to be a pleasant color for them and not beating them blue. So is Monday morning blue more of a psychological feel? Is it resulting of working on a profession out of compulsion and not passion?

I feel that Monday morning blues has more to do with life in school. It’s usually students who feel the twinge of Monday morning blues and mostly because of the drab, monotonous uniforms that they wear and the opprobrium that they face in the form of teachers after a relaxed weekend! How do the kids deal with it? I don’t think they take to caffeine or yogic calisthenics or mouthing vituperative at passing limousines. If you’d notice, once you are out of school, the tinge of blue that you display on any given Monday fades! So is the Monday blue a continuation of our school days? Are we feeling like school children in our office and see our bosses and managers as the strict teachers of our school days? I don’t think we experience Monday blues during holidays either during school annual holiday nor when we are in office vacation, do we?

My point is that we could all take a leaf out of the books of the little children who go off to school on Mondays with a school bag the size of a miniature rhinoceros. We could do well to learn from them(Something which we went through but forgotten once we grew up). They are an inspiration to all of us. We handled the Monday blues during our school days without much ado. What I mean to say is that an effective way of dealing with the Monday morning blues syndrome is to learn a leaf from our childhood days as it looks quite certain that most other methods of beating the blues fail perilously!

Of course, that’s my take on the subject….
How do you deal with Monday morning blues?

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The name may sound funny and weird and it spills over his character too. He prefers to keep his identity secret and we respect his choice. Thanks to a moment of “what an idea, sirji” we have him on-board our panel and don’t ask me more about the idea, it is our kitchen secret but his writings are here to enthrall you.

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  1. Ambi

    Change of lifestyle. Avoid weekend revelries… and if possible, get in to a job which you *like* to do.

    There is a quote which goes like this: “If you love the work you do, you don’t have to work a single day!”… I don’t remember who said this.

    By extension, it also implies schooling nowadays is a chore and grueling task.

  2. Aneet

    @ Ambi: Well, schooling has been quite grueling ever since I’ve known! 😉

    Also loving the work you do involves the interpersonal dynamics that you share with your superiors and peers. Well that’s just my opinion.

  3. Madhu Rao

    As the famous truism goes “Kids walk to school but they run back home”. If you were to look at the tots for inspiration and fillip why be stingy and stop at just how they battle the blues ? If you get to the core of it you will see a magical concoction of “Small Happinesses”, “Unbridled Joy”, “Forgiving nature”, Innocence, Purity and Love. How could any shade of blue dare stay longer in that wonderland. It’s More’s Utopia distilled.. !

  4. sharat

    Monday…ooh Monday…its another D-day…its time to again start and restart the work, the pending ones…which we left incompleted as the week came 2 end…The energy level rises from Monday to tuesday reaches its peak on Saturday, then slides…..again to restrt….So Sunday evening is dreader than Moday Blues…

  5. Johnny


    Sorry! but I did not get what the author wanted to say?
    First he proposes that School children also suffer from it, then in the end he suggests to take a leaf from their book! Also author has failed to list what are those things we can learn from them.

    I found the article little ambiguous.

  6. Aneet

    @ Johnny:
    Hi Johnny!

    What the author wanted to say was that School kids hate Mondays as much as we do,the ambiguity was caused by nonchalance that had crept into the author as the post progressed! 😛

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