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Understanding the concept of God – Part 3

Brahma Whenever I say Space, don’t forget it is Conscious & Intelligence. It separates itself in high speed. Once the speed starts, then follows the time, it takes for its whirling & the distance, between two energy particles, & the place it occupies is the volume. So now we have the four expressions of the particle– time, distance, Speed & volume. To make the people understand they gave a form to this concept as four faced Brahma, who does the creation.

Soon as the particle was formed, because of the high speed, it couldn’t dissolve itself into the space & the endless journey of the conscious starts transforming as the panchaboothas which I’ve explained in the previous chapter. Another quality of this particle is it records everything within. So in an energy particle everything is stored like in the computer chip. It’s again the work of the magnetism. My guru used to say Magnet as mega – net, a huge networking prevailing through out the Universe.

While this kind of classes was conducted by the masters, we do so many meditations like Thuriya, Thuriatheeth, Panchabootha Navagraha Meditation, and Pranava Meditation. All these meditations bring down our mental frequencies & sometimes while meditating some get visions of the above said. That’s how the experiences in meditation & the analysis of all bring clarity in the mind. It’s not just a theory to be understood, but can be experienced also.

One might wonder why one should do so many meditations.Panchabootha Navagraha meditation is specifically to make a harmonious link with the person.Thuriatheeth meditation to expand the mind. (I will explain about various meditations in detail in another topic)

So now coming back, according to the difference in the speed & the magnetism, the process continues & the stars were formed. When the speed slows down, conscious, Space or intelligence will dominate & so the process goes perfectly well with a pattern, regularity & in a precise way. So millions of stars were formed & they together join to form galaxies. Even the galaxies are like a huge energy particle. Again don’t forget that everything is recorded in all the particles.

Most of you might know how planets are formed from the stars. From the sun all the 9 planets were formed. They too have all the 5 elements but different in proportion. Only in earth, the 5 elements are in the right proportion for the living beings to come into existence.

In the next chapter I’ll continue how the evolution happened from the 1st sense to the 6th sense in our home, the Earth.

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  1. Ambi


    Your story on Mahabharata has factual errors, not to mention that the english translation you have given for the Gita verse is incorrect.

    I left 2 comments on your blog but they were promptly deleted.

    Whatever. (Just to be fair, the other verse quoted in another post of yours has a correct translation.)


    Hope things are fine. When is part 4 coming?

  2. Shruti

    @ Ambi:
    Am really sorry for what happened! That was one of my friend who deleted that comment because she gave me that translation! I hope you understand my position! But i have removed the wrong meaning! Thanks for correcting me and apologize me for whatever happened!
    “” the other verse quoted in another post of yours has a correct translation””
    That was translated by me! So it cant have errs! But i cant understand why you hyperlinked my post for that receptive comments post by you!!

    By this time you would have understood!
    even you can see her name in the end in small scripts which is there still in my blog! You can verify it! I felt really embarrassed after reading that receptive post of yours!

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