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Book review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyers
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Book review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyers


It is so easy to criticize something, someone but it is equally difficult to be honest and think up plausible reasons for liking something immensely to the extent of appearing biased…

I was overwhelmed by a strange feeling after reading TWILIGHT. A feeling I could not put my finger into. What was it? Was it love? Was it elation? Or Sorrow? Whatever it was, it had the same effect that I had after reading Eric Segal’s Love Story. To put it simply in a few words I loved the book.

As it is, the book and the movie have acquired quite a lot of fame and I already had the gist that it was a love story – an extraordinary love story. And extraordinary it was! When I picked up the copy I started out with very little expectations, but as the pages shuffled on I was flabbergasted. Flabbergasted at? – At everything. The plot, the descriptions of each and every emotion, nuances of the characters, the backdrop, the progression, the tempo… Can anything be so beautifully described without being monotonous and boring? No wonder it was made into a successful movie. As for the plot I will keep to the minimum so as to not give out much of the suspense.

Shy and awkward Isabella or Bella comes to the dark, sunless and always misty Forks in the Olympic Peninsula from sunny Phoenix to stay with her father after her mother decides to marry again. . Will she ever fit in this desolate and gloomy place? Which has simple yet adorable characters like Mike, Jacob and Jessica… and also the Cullens Siblings- Cold and different from the rest and the mysterious and enigmatic and absolutely stunning Edward Cullens? There is something insanely dark and sinister but magnetic about him which attracts Bella towards him. So is Edwards drawn to Bella in spite of himself whom he finds different and difficult to comprehend and vulnerable. After Edward rescues Bella from a couple of near mishaps under strange circumstances, they both fall in love. But though Bella is the best thing to have happened to Edward she also has the potential to bring out the worst in him. His worst and most primal instinct for he is not a human but incredibly a VAMPIRE. With a love so intense and yet forbidden, what does their destiny hold for them? It is a story about their trust, their sacrifice, and their choices. And just when I was starting to think that it’s all about mush, the tempo changes and next it becomes a frenzy of thrills and suspense with a deadly chase till it reaches a crescendo in the climax. But that should be left to be read by one so as to not break the suspense.

When I completed the novel, at the end it was written that the novel was to be continued in the next of the series NEW MOON. I had mixed feelings. Did I want a sequel? I enjoyed the book a lot but I think I wanted the story to remain where it had ended. In uncertainty and Sweetness but that of course this is my personal opinion.

Novel : Twilight

Pages : 512 (hardcover) , 544 (paperback)

ISBN : ISBN 0-316-16017-2

0 28 August, 2009 Books August 28, 2009

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  1. chetan

    I ve also red the book,and yes i do agree that story has been writeen very beautifully, but ending didn’t seem to satisfy me as the story was moving at the start, it is not that i wanted a sequel, but there could be better ending..
    althogh i d also read new moon, bcoz i loved writer’s style of portraying characters, and describing situations

  2. mani padma

    @ chetan:
    Ya Even I would like a better ending but as thier love affair is seemingly doomed so I am worried that it may get worse. But I have already bought New Moon. and am soon going to post the review after I read it.

  3. Anney

    so I joined the comments late…but I loved the book…the essence of the love story was truely an experiance….your review is awesome!:)

  4. Desert Rose

    Ok this is a late post…but that was a gr8 review mani and i am a big fan myself…… so to all of you who have read twilight series and liked it… read midnight sun…partial draft posted on stephanie’s website…..

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