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Understanding the concept of God – Part 2


Understanding the concept of God is not easy for a mind, which is in a beta level. Let me explain about the 4 levels of mind. For this one has to know what is mind & thought process. Before we touch this subject lets talk about universal magnetism and the five elements (panchabootha)

I had explained in my previous article “understanding the concept of God” about space & the fundamental energy particle, which is the building block of the Universe. A question arises in one’s mind, why the particle has to rotate. The force within the space is self compressive, surrounding pressure force & that’s why the particle rotates & separates from the space.

What happens when this energy rotates? It rotates in such high speed that it whirls millions & millions of time per second. So, energy is a whirling wave & at the same time a spreading wave is formed simultaneously. This is the repulsive force as the wave spreads outside. I had already stated that there is a vacuum (space) in the centre, which is the attractive force. Attraction & repulsion together forms the magnetic force. Now, one can easily understand with the scientific knowledge, why there is the magnetic field around all the matter in the universe. Scientists have always explained how matter is acting on space, not how space is acting on matter.

So now, we know there is the universal magnetism through out the universe as the Universe is brimming with the energy particles. Each energy particle rotates in a different speed & there is a vibration due to the speed. The speed also reduces in course of time as anything that acts or functions must come to an end. When the speed reduces the particles that rotates in high speed gets attracted to the particles with slow speed & thus they join together to form atoms, molecules & finally matter.

So akash is the energy particles, which is the 1st basic element. Then the millions of energy particles together transform into 2nd element air (gas).The particles in the air become denser & denser together to form fire, the 3rd element. Again, the particles or akash in the fire becomes denser to form the water (liquid), the 4th element. Finally the akash in the water becomes thicker & solid to form the earth, the 5th element. There is the magnetism always through out the process of transformation & it is due to this there is the pressure, wind, heat, taste & smell. Without the magnetism there is no change. This is a very important fact in understanding the secrets of the Universe.

In my next chapter I’ll explain how energy particles function in all the living beings & non living things & how the magnetism develops into mind in human beings.

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  1. sharat

    enlightning…..waiting next article on this topic…and pls try to explain That is it true that GOD existed, and in what form if he did? How the system of world develop? How are the boundries made for the first time? …

  2. chetan

    I am eager to know how this all relates to the concept of God, and the force that powers the life on this planet and in universe, if exist..

  3. Radhachandran

    @ sharat:
    Thank you Sharat.God is every where – omnipresent.Keep reading my article & you will know how the formless God comes into form.

  4. Radhachandran

    @ chetan:
    Thank you chetan.If your mind set is that God is in the form as Siva ,Sakthi, Krishna & so on, then forget about it when you read my article.The nature power,Space & the energy particles which i’ve explained are the two powers, the root for all that exists in the Universe.Read the further articles,which will be posted soon.

  5. Bharathi

    This seems to be an interesting post but the honest truth is that I could only understand 10% of waht you said. But you created interest in learning physics. And you made me to look for a right person to have a discussion on this topic.

  6. Radhachandran

    @ sharat:
    You have asked about how the boundary was made.I don’t understand which boundary you mean,but when the boundless Space conditions itself into an energy particle,it is there the first boundary was formed.Anyway you will find the answer in my further articles.

  7. Radhachandran

    @ Bharathi:

    Thank you Bharathi & sorry you could understand very little.When i started with meditation classes even i used to get interest in all sciences, Physics,Biology & even i used to read my husband’s medical books& also psychology.The fundamentals of everything lies when you know the truth about God.Sure we’ll have a discussion but not in physics.

  8. sharat

    @ Radhachandran:
    the first divisions of the world as we see today…US, Europe, africa,etc etc….who thought of these boundries…………….???

  9. Bharathi

    You are right and I am into philosophical books too now. THanks a lot for offering for a discussion. I would love to discuss with people who have understood the concept of God. But I think distance would be a problem. If possible please buzz me when you visit Isha at velliangiri. I m quite near. Thanks a lot.

  10. Radhachandran

    @ Bharathi:
    Distance is not at all a problem with net in the hand.It doesn’t have to be me for discussion as Sadhguru used to say, Just have thirst to know God,the path will be opened & the answers also you will get through some one or some experiences in your life.I have experienced this many a time.Hope we get a chance to meet.Once a gain thanks.

  11. Radhachandran

    @ sharat:
    Don’t you know that the world(the land part) was all joined together in the beginning & it started to drift slowly & got seperated as it is now.That is the play of Nature.

    There should not be a boundary in our mind.Mind always disintegrates anything that comes in it as it is conditioned.That’s the problem.

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