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Arranged Marriage

wedding ring 

She beamed with joy. He brimmed with smile. Guests congratulated them. Elders of the family were satisfied. Kids rejoiced in the party. Friends had fun.

Its celebration time. Marriage was solemnized.

First night.

Two strangers “made” love to “find” love.

This story is a 55 fiction format.

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0 19 August, 2009 55 Fiction August 19, 2009

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  1. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Bharathi and Lucky:

    Thanks guys !

    Actually its a revealation for me that I could write short stories . I never had much fascination for short stories and had never attempted earlier. This sudden exposure to 55F seems to have triggered a latent short story ability in me 🙂

  2. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Shas

    🙂 nice to see your comments ! But i feel it applies more for couple of arranged marriage , In love marriage , atleast there is love in air before marriage .. Ofcourse , love after marriage is different from love before marriage but then in arranged marriage its most of the times two strangers “finding love” post marriage .

  3. chetan

    hey, i was waiting for some suspense to unfold….
    it ended with a happy note, and i liked it,it is as if u have writtena life of 2 people

  4. Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky

    I really liked the way you combined the conflict and resolution part. Now that is one thing to be appreciated.

    But, still I would like to say that something was missing. I don’t know what actually.

  5. Archana

    why do people think they “make” love on the first night!!! does it happen all the time?? especially in arranged marriage?? i dont think so.. nice topic for discussion aint it?? 😀

  6. Post author
    Lakshmi Rajan

    @ Archana:

    Ofcourse am not generalizing it. But one cannot deny a fact that most people “make” love before they “find” love in arranged marriage 😉

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