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A letter to Krishna

Sri Krishna Dear Krishna,

Happy Janmasthtami!

People call the  eighth day (ashtami) of the second (dark) fortnight of the month of Shravana as Krishna Jayanthi , Janmashtami, Janmashtam, Gokulashtami, Shri Krishna Jayanthi, Krishnashtami, Kalashtami, Gopalkala. Different words that denotes your this day – The day you incarnated in this earth , five thousand years ago, at the end of the third cosmic era , ‘Dwapar Yuga’ and the beginning of the present era, ‘Kali Yuga’. So in simpler terms, Happy Birthday!

All my life You have been my good friend and You know I have looked upon You more as a friend than seeing You as the Supreme Power. I know You are what I and many see as God. I know You are God but then I love You more as a friend and I am sure, You love me for the way I love this way. At times, I have been angry with You also for not being with me at my toughest times, I may have even chided with You as not my friend at all. At times , I would have even tried to make me believe You don’t exist. Still in spite of all that like a wave coming towards the shore again and again, I come back thinking about You as a good friend. I believe I cannot see the bigger picture behind all the tough times I handle all alone at times without You. May be, You will tell me the reasons later. I trust You as a friend so in spite of my occasional anger, disbelief, nothing could shatter our friendship…

You remember how much I would be excited when celebrating Your birthday when I was kid ? Remember, how mom makes the small footprints? She used to mix rice flour and little turmeric with water and make impressions with her folded fist like foot and make tiny toes marks with her fingers 🙂 . She says, It would remind me that tonight i.e.  on Krishna Jayanthi , You will make your baby steps from outside the doors of our home to inside.. I would be very thrilled seeing those baby foot prints ! My mom used to say , when I was a baby myself , she used to make those footprints by making me dip my feet in the rice flour , turmeric water mixture and make me walk so that the impression gets on the floor ! Even now , we make these footprints every year on this day!

I used to love your birthday for the wonderful delicious food mom makes  for you ! Of course , I get to eat them to gleefully too ! The murukus , Cheedais , Adhirasam ( a sweet dish made out of rice flour and jaggery ) yum yum ! Love those traditional delicacies mom  makes for you !

Krishna Jayanthi delicacies Midnight , we used to keep an Idol of You and decorate You with bright color clothes , adorn you with fresh fragrant flowers , light lamps with ghee , keep those delicacies before You.. and do puja for You . I love those little little things we do for You. It gives a satisfaction , contentment and a calm feeling to our soul..

A simple Krishna Jayanti decoration at home My wife says in her native in North India ,they do fast the whole day and have food only after doing puja for you at midnight. My friend from Gujarat says that is how they celebrate too in their native.People from different region have their own way of loving you and expressing the love for you but then at the end of the day love is love , whatever way it is expressed. I know You will agree with me.

Love You.

Its 12’o clock midnight now. They say you were born exactly on midnight . I just finished the puja and continuing the letter to You. There is a quietness in my heart now. A feeling that only You and Me can understand…

I would wind up the letter now , will write more about You later.

Happy Krishna Jayanti to all those who reads this letter. I know this letter to You is an open letter and all your friends , my friends , our friends would read it. On this day , I wish all of them good health , good mind , good thoughts , good will and goodness and wellness forever.

My dear Krishna can be find within me , within you , within all those who reads this letter and even within all those who don’t believe in Him. Open your heart and mind and see within yourself , within oneself and He will smile at You.

Love You All.

Take care.

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  1. Lucky

    jo hai albela madnainowala
    jiski deewani brij ki har bala
    woh kisna hai,woh kisna hai
    woh kisna hai,woh kisna hai
    kisna hai

  2. Lucky

    you shud have written the letter in short texts…may be Krishna using tweeter account nowadays…..

  3. S.R.Ayyangar

    Your letter to Krishnaji makes good reading. The feelings and anguish expressed in the second para relates to each one of us who at times feel that God is not with us but with someone else when we need his blessings the most( so selfish)!

  4. zephyr

    That was a nice way of showing one’s love and devotion to God — treating Him as a friend. A friend never lets us down and so does God. Even when we think He is not with us, He has His own plans for us and they are all good, even if they are not visible to us as being good at the moment! Happy eating all those goodies…

  5. prasanna raghavan

    Dear Lakshmi rajan,

    Confessions of a devotee:)

    The line of seeing God in you, me and in all makes a lots of sense to me.

    Before, I do not think Krishana janmasthami was celebrated at a large scale in my state Kerala. Now I hear it is very much commercialized.

    Happy celebrations to you and your family

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