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Parental Joy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Years have passed since he left his native.Life has become a machine – chasing career,bank balances. He wanted to visit his parents but found no time.Time passed ,he became a dad and realized the parental joy.He remembered his father and yearned to see him.

Phone beeped.


His dad is no more.

This is my maiden attempt at 55 fiction. 55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

To know more about the guidelines of 55 fiction click here >> 55 Fiction

0 11 August, 2009 55 Fiction August 11, 2009

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  1. Vipul Grover

    U crosd d limit (yup, i jus luv counting;) bt made an excellent frst attmpt indeed. The theme is vry nice.. thts d beauty of 55 Fiction.. if written honestly it cn cnvey a msg tht sumtimes cant evn b conveyed by 1000 wrds. keep thm cuming:)

  2. Post author

    @ Vipul Grover:

    lol jus realized i crossed it by 3 words :p you are a number man ha ha !

    But the credit for me attempting this 55 format should go to you ! Infact I came to know about this 55 thing through you only 🙂 ok am editing 3 words to fit it exactly into 55 😉

  3. Johnny

    Well you have perfected it at the first try it seems. 😀

    I was not aware of the 55 fiction thing until now and hence thought that probably the story was truncated during editing by mistake 😛

    Anyway very good start, I must say!

    But if I have to write a story someday, I would not limit myself to 55 words for sure. I know it is kind of talent to tell such stories in limited words, but I did not like the concept(but then, that is just me).

  4. Shruti

    Hello Mr.R,
    i saw ur comments in Bharathi’s blog and followed here!!
    wonderful,awesome 55 fiction!
    beautiful feeling about your 55F!!
    even i’ve written 3 55F!! check them out if u like!!
    but i must mention u provided a cute feel with 55 wrds!

  5. Chetan

    Its a good concept, i liked it very mcuh, and it has conveyed the feelings, to what it is intended to.

    I felt a bit surprised after reading, because a few minutes before, i was reading a thread somewhere, where it is written that Indian writers are not so good in expressing feelings in a novel..
    But look here, we have someone who has done it in just 55 ….
    i ll also try this

  6. Post author

    @ bharati

    Thanks man ! Ya though I was never a fan of short story , I enjoyed writing this 55 story !

    @ Shruti

    Thanks for following here 🙂 and thanks for the appreciation. Sure will drop to your blog tomorrow and check it out relaxedly ( bit in a hurry now )

    @ Chetan

    Thanks for the huge appreciation buddy ! It really motivates me to write further n further 🙂 Do give a try and let me know too ..

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